Where Is This Relationship: Her Brother Wants To Know Part 1

Thursday, December 1st


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Yeah she's gone and done it's John's creek and all over AT and straight come early enough. Justin Jan shell on stun you know before line. Where is this relationship knowing we ask the awkward questions so you don't have to and today we are talking to Jeremy. Who wants is to call his sister's boyfriend's. Is this a little sister. Yeah a little hurt her okay and how long she'd been with her boyfriend. The current river a couple of years now we years. And what's turning its Arab and her boy hey. Dating to debate that I did it. And Ewing David. Late teacher at like at what is the outcome you're hoping for. I didn't pay I am you lead we all like David. And you know. Absolutely bury you he spent protected work plan. Level and the like and so. What are your you know. It checked checked him checking on situation and. So you clients. This to be a more serious relationship between your sister and the point. Well I guess I mean it eat it seemed like he could go that way here now. Yeah. Has he been like stalling on and in deed to man are you are is there reason you're trying to have pushed us along. You and the family. All of it and following. To wonder after a little better. Black I don't know that it should there's really been any dollar and yet there's sort of wondering why and you know. I'm assuming that Sarah doesn't know. That you're doing this is this in our yard you'd rather not. And how do you think she will respond to you inserting yourself. In her relationship. Yeah. You know words sort of blow a little bit. And bit of and so on your side guard Walter you know it's not about to. Intrusive. Again. How would you feel Jan if your brother Matt. I'd got involved in. You're one of your relationship litigated before unless I act since you I would think it was overstepping his boundaries. If your intention here Jeremy is this gonna attract and do you think this is gonna come off as a joke. That your intention like this has to be fun and funny. I don't know what the words that could but I mean you know David so we you know we get a lot of women that eating. I think air yeah will be beak and be under you know she's doing it says I think you'll like it. So this is indeed it's not that you leave and holidays. Are literal bit in her at night. Are reap the practical Joker right now if I'm David. Yeah. Well. Obama practical joke. Yeah there have been a good time. And Germany's world it's funny to buy. His body and his sister's boyfriend in the hot seat right and then the next and the whole families together they utilize. Laugh about it yet you believe Jeremy did that he would raise pollen that attack and well. So we welcome back in three minutes. And will call David and lies David. Where this relationship is going we gave. Your sister Sarah and you'll get to listen and Jeremy of that whole conversation. By you don't get to be part of an imminent I'll sit down welcome back. I reload time. OK one last quick question I mean do you want us to really hold his feet of the fire. You want us out gently agenda really right now about to drive his recap again. Make the good yeah. Yeah and other Jen gets it he's eager. How strong you honestly doubt there. Now though that I mean that's lucky yes. We'll do it in three minutes here on the jet engines. Thank you for line. Star in 941.