Where Is This Relationship Going Your Brother Wants To Know Part 3

Friday, December 2nd


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Where he doesn't feel like quarter when you have a great soundtrack to her son when you get to work and get ten so consider role ever. On starting now before employment. Well if you've been listening for the past twenty minutes or so you've heard cannot be totally threw out. Where is this relationship. Not a sense you with a purpose I've I'm sorry you didn't do anything wrong. I don't thing. I mean if you did we both did well now I'm mad at you for reminding me gay kids mad at us because scare me here he's gonna be I am now hey Jeremy. It's. That's again that that went sideways. I think it'll be those who guy and concern. Decided not the way episodes ago. Now I think it'll be okay. Once he years the first part of it like. We remember he that he didn't hear the first part of so heated here. Let us kind of realize that you're joke because it is a joke right. There on the same page that you don't care what the status of David and Sarah's relationship is right. While I'm here and Adam this. Not exactly. Oh dear god and he didn't really adjust. Center all. And and you know kind of Dodd's it's split question here. And I'm will take you back I mean I I. You know I cannot ignore that I would not proposed that they shouldn't. But he did address error in the beginning. And when he thought it was Sarah calling. Use super sweet he sent every Brady answered you wanna say. It's. I guess you. Still lose but they're. Here and that it does that mean exactly what you'd. Where moon. So little hundred Lulu weird. News you know open there and I was not expecting him to do that are not. The second. I feel like we just need to pay for them have ears again. Jerry and David yeah I don't think I've beer is Jeremy Simpson's attorneys. Hey Jeremy I'm all right we're let you go okay. There you go I think there at all. I just had no excuse now I jumped out of a plane and oppression. Oh. Our seats and it all. I think we just pretend none of banner ads. Learn. And there is definitely a change in Jeremy between call one and call rate right yet. Okay. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook search starring 941 Atlanta.