Where Is This Relationship Going Your Brother Wants To Know Part 2

Thursday, December 1st


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Thanks for being bombarded it. I can't thank and it's where is this relationship going. And the conversation today is gonna take place between. Ice and old guy named David. David is dating a woman named Sarah. And it Sarah's brother will be listening to name his name is here. Yes that Jimmy wants us to put David in the hot seat and ask where their relationship is going. And just make you squirm a little bit. Maybe dating from about two years. That's certain that here's a guy and you are David get a lot rightly theirs is going to be one. We realize greatly under. Ike is gentle and am I Jen gets it now she understands the practical joke value or humor potentials and she's she's. Make ready for this. I we put you on hold and you get to listen and while we make the phone call that David and ask him. Where he is relationship with Sarah is going. Yeah. I'm pretty excited at how excited you got you when you realized it. Ol' Lou. You. If basic David. David he David this is Jan I'm from the jet engines show concern and for one has gone. Believe it yet LeBron. We are dead we are cut today you're in the hot seat on a segment we have called where's this relationship now. I. So overcome because. You've relationship with app for a couple of you now. And I mean things I speak on that. You need for body. I don't know I mean I the way I we've got about. Yeah I haven't learned yet own a certain point in my own life where it. And in turn that corner I don't know things are good record we move forward and we. I just learned about like you set out. I imagined it you don't I'll be perfect when that goes down. Let me and I think she's pretty you know happy in the relationship but don't you think she'd be happier if she knew. She had your commitment. It's known here as my commitment is this New Year's order where did. Are dead. I and how do you get along with her. With their family. Oh is there any issues night and day out cool. He. And so on. And a little bit time in the zone and need. I don't know I don't know whether alone or those around them around you know they're it's their daughter their sister. But yeah I think the cool there'd been no way conflict and. I mean our teachers they know. How big you are for their daughter. I think they're. I think that we need it to be pretty happy. I don't know why you're basically a little bit nervous either. I would say that I. I don't know if I'd I think we're good now I think that they see that. All right. I. Mean if there were. And EU. Store owner prairie view that. You really care about them. Do you think you should get engaged soon if you bought a ring he had you know federal low. They're hurt where massive media. It. Beat him really we didn't mean. We don't really think this through before we made a call. It's actually where Sarah normally the way to segment words as the girl calls. And night. Asks us like Sarah would call us out but it wasn't Sarah and others it was her brother Jeremy. And he wanted us to college aside by you really funny. Though but apparently you answered everything like the way everything should be answered oh. And then we you know it is really series is lines that make you squirm a little bit. Okay her. So I think we were the Ayatollah. This is something there was going to be very funny and I was hanging out of it. The near me Rodriguez. Writes. That's interesting. But he again like I think I think he had negated as a practical joke he wasn't doing a good. I think this is not a joke around mess with you it's become like that prankster guy. Yeah that's so weird though like what I read this it would it would conversations it's nothing that can go that you can play. But he's taken time to view this I don't know I am I lowered it out mrs. I think it don't you do you haven't cleared the brother Colin they. Why is out of these religion like I'd I don't think he's legitimately. All. I. I'm not that dated to me it's like situation happened I don't come on now twelve in the rookie like up and are. I don't know whatever it is there's very that I don't know yet that is on the there was that set up now they are. Oriole way but it and a hundred. Well I think that he wasn't being protective older brother dance series about it I think he was just European. They are pregnant apparently now. Married he's very funny. Maybe we are you an apology. Since he's sorry. You're gonna these medical tags things help now on our. Yeah I wish Alastair. Yeah I don't think I don't take it out on Jeremy either I don't think it was meant to be in our little. Is it wasn't a weird saying I think you think it's a weird thing it's not it was a junkie that. Or it should not let it all but. That's why we should probably ages and this part of the transaction. Are David. Yet asserted that the problem. I don't know. I thank you gain and that they're okay. Is that our fault. It's all. They should be of talk. So there then I have welcome back in three minutes and will pick up Jeremy who just got to listen to that whole uncomfortable that he advocated. I've that is three minutes from right now can't content channel. Starring Heath one. And she I'll still are.