Where is This Relationship Going: We Hear from Adam

Thursday, February 2nd


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And she I'll still are. We met Tina just a few minutes ago and she has a big ask of Jenn hobby. I am about to call Adam and asked him where is this relationship going they have been friends and kind dating but not exclusively just often on here. For four years. That there really like best Friends With Benefits hits but she's ready to have a committed relationship. Are you ready to listen and as we made this call animal on your behalf. Okay any last minute thing I needed now are we get. I think. I. I would call an amount. Hang on. I. A. God speed and it's. That. It. Is out there please. I asked. Alan this is Jen from the Jetsons and show insanity for one how are you. I am greed hey I can't see just chat with you today about some relationship stuff pregame. To sure right now. Natural or why not let total stranger to Brian easier life. So it I am I don't think you'll be surprised to know that I'm Colleen. After talking with day us. And it had. I'm not yet not a process. You can tell if I had so much does she was just talent is it just this year too by the way. I know there. I'm just listening in quietly on the sidelines. So that we were just talking with Dana about your relationship have and how you guys really are best friends and that. Where she loves what you have going on and she's just been reflecting back on those four years that. You guys have known each other and dated off and on and I've gotten so close and she's like you know I just feel like she's so our site. And she wanted us to ask you a question for her. So she why yes I asked. Where is this relationship going. It's a part of a segment that we do because she's really ready. To take the commitment plunged raised here and just need each other exclusively. Are. The it's and that's a big. Big bureau. It Saturday. Yet road. Well she knows that it's a risk because everything has been so good for so long. But she really feels plague. It could work Annika worked great. Yeah it's one we can't really bring. Great for forty years or so later on I don't know we get I'd hate each other when that and the other per and inundating. You know we're gonna single front. Meola or friend can as it should go ahead and just stop return date. And I'm not opposed I should also. I think that there is. A friend of mine recently is that realism about it. And we've done that a few times and iron and she's really Corrado. A lot of ball where he's been so. He's supposed to and it recurred had about a little card game where the girl the other girl. So. They're okay so you like Dana. Our door to you at all. And you don't disagree with the all of your friends suggestions that maybe Alison has given a shot. It's not really I'm I'm I'm. Totally are you everybody sees that and we've we've that we had a really good at saying well you know get her relationship we're great friends and we get along and. So you you re going to take the risk of losing the French department trying an actual relationship with our if you weren't. Just introduce that other person. That part is scary because I would want to ruin that. We got some really good and I also rule I dissent and oppose the idea of independent. Dating. That's great and very Jewish dating right. We're gonna join your friends and give you that peer pressure has greatly you know you're not so common how long have you been there aren't going out we are dating this new girl. So a couple. Just blew the whistle like three or four times and I think. So Dana is not worth blowing this girl off the you only have known her. A couple weeks. Now it's not it's like. I don't wanna say complicated than people think that stupid. But it's sort of just I don't know. IG did the girl I'd I was named but she's actually pretty cool idea I wouldn't mind seeing where it gone against and I just didn't have. I hope they were mean there are marked. In my mind you know we're good friends that are going thorough. Yeah so. I don't know maybe that. I would tell me what to tourism there. It feels very courageous. And didn't really found out anything. Because Dana didn't think that you were seen anybody else at this time since she's on this to be good time to aspect. Bearish Travis but. Maybe you guys just talk amongst you sell outs. Probably our preparation yeah and not a very different open. I thank you Adam. And I thank you thanks and have a good plan there. I we can back here in three minutes and talk to Dana but before we do you jams. That lions. That's crappy right to hear. Yeah it's disappointing. But it's not my eight. It should be surprised that he's dating someone now all slid it. Down in these he's ready to take the plunge and he's like ready yet they're assurances of. Winning the demand use a food analogy and plays she just offered him a delicious meal that he has all of his friends have told them how delicious that is. And he's site I don't try that let me finish what's on my plate first. You are so good food analogies. It's okay fine well it's kind of guys that have today and there we go back and prevents him alive pick up in game we'll find out what you thought I had a conversation. Where's this relationship going wraps up next and start a 41 did you injure and Shia on starring Betty Ford Lola and.