Where Is This Relationship Going With Seth and Chloe Part 4

Thursday, March 23rd

Phone lines were LIT.


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Czar not before one that's. I Kathy in Marietta welcomed the show. I am I love you guys get cute betray. When you people. Lightly you are saying okay Elian to Q. I have been dating selling out. Well India now did he say dating he lives just for. He it's she he's not dating to Z texting it just took out a small insurance policy is thought. I am I paying banks campaign. We have a chair and take it by the way coming up here and less than five minutes yes the low end at nine before one all day we just got to get through these phone calls will clear these have them will do the that and calls. Chassis the N word sack. Do you. Game. On the air or you are you calling for his number. I'm really not. Sure it's. You know he he's so worried about her being so called. After that he might Hispanic you know he's had a lot of wind canceled you liberty out talking to another one and and it's not really being invested in and tell. The whole thing chastity is so dysfunctional he is sleeping like a met reg visual aids then your mind. He's sleeping right in his thirties and the couch huh. It's fishy at tip toes in the room like some sort of ninja crazy girlfriend spy. And picks up his hand it is like rocking back and forth as our own. Like their per. Do you remember that airlock on the town and I guarantee when he got out I did my thing outlining the right or unlock that. We didn't want them to reach out I mean. You would be weird and I didn't have any or bring copyright their Mikhail you know proud. I don't know that you. That I would never think that she did what void to get some Cinderella liberty Trent Lott saying the next step you know Rasheed gives them a shot and overcame that she steals from the Dennis I'm she broke into. It's cuts that have his finger off and you look at his foul whenever you want us I'm TC in Kennesaw welcome to the show. That darn it people are yet though I'll see you again where he DC. Adolor that would negate this guy look al-Qaeda cannot believe this. Look at their prayers stuff while you sleep in her aside why don't call radio station and email which already live as well. That's. Yeah did all right. I mean why are you surprised at all if she went cold. When he's super protective of his phone and hide it all the time got to take it to the bathroom with them and I'm glad. Actually he's he knew how to beg borrow and in your car to get somebody opened up before you you know what should their. That's right TC thank you. I call off we love hearing from in Katie and it would stab welcome to the show. Good morning okay I am sitting in my car laughing my halo right now. And to have I ever done the fingerprint check. Do you know why I am pretty young and that's even tiled as. Who are you finding team Chloe your team Seth witness. And you know what I'm all about girl power and I'm. I am PDT dapper now. Really. Yeah because he saw that he saw the crazier rating on the law also mis guys so. Your game. Yet it but it kind of picky picky about the NER Philip kind of at kind of but hold loot kill. Don't wanna cut by Michelle why aren't outside and she talked. And what kind of. Unmoved brought on him but at the same time I merited a lot of negative back in port snow. I'm glad it ended now before they got knee deep into it. I thank your finger deep odds AJ and coming. And I know wait a minute. Sorry to say that I am good friends since the media that way sorry in. KK in coming. Try. Either wanted to say even if you're not. Making out or hanging out with someone it's Phil Keating if you up to hide your fellow and I'm sorry because there's obviously something Elena and. Some Fuller texting going on. Yet even get a leg. The fact that he feels the need to hide the phone like you don't have to go and hang out with some wider go hook up with someone can know that they're obviously doing something wrong. I Nikkei thank you for the column. You didn't. NC I'll still are ready for our.