Where Is This Relationship Going With Seth and Chloe Part 3

Thursday, March 23rd

Well, now that we have all that out in the open...


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So are in 941. We are gonna welcome back to the show Seth who just got to listen to the girl that he may or may not be dating the first six or maybe four months Chloe. Who just listen to Khloe explained that she doesn't wanna invest any time in a relationship with a guy. Who is probably talking to other girls because he's now hiding his fun. He got a secretive with his phone and started making sure he had it with him and turning it over all the time and she got bad behavior meant. He was texting someone else or on tender. They sacked welcome back. Don't. I Harry doing yeah that's the question for you. Having dark gray and especially here in the. So have you been weird your. I'll be totally honest I have been pardoned somebody else. But the only reason why you'd started was because of how cold you got in the relationship. I mean you know it's started with my first canceled days. And I was just going all right I'm gonna go out by myself. And you know all I I chatted up a girl in reaching number that you know we've been. Kinda texting back and wouldn't doubt it hasn't gotten any any further than that there. And. So aren't. So. So you have been talking to one other woman that you don't want Chloe to find out about. Yeah. I mean it's not like I'm cheating or an enemy of my guys haven't played. We know gonna date with this girl and you know lighten up and gone on because you know I. I made no I don't wanna hear about fixing things are probably hurt. Well like. I don't know after hearing her talk until like should not work that doesn't mean I can't believe. We let. You go ahead ask her. It's he had looked at my old and she did know. That it. He had just not true that is absolutely not true she didn't part of the reason why I've been to protect it over my opponent because they were one night. Well I wouldn't sleep on the couch. And I swear to god will go and I tell her I have built fingerprint unlock I thought I found her car and use my younger unlock my. How. I swear to god there is no other explanation what was going on to the public didn't end loaders are better. That your outlook. So there. OK. And you can't be upset or surprised that she's. Gone cold. I don't all the legacy in particular they never think it's hard to know like when it may guarded but you know but anyway I feel like I. I feel like I've really never start I would never started. Pocket this girl if you all I felt like she is still you know in the relationship that we did you have those first you're not you know. Now. Oh OK all right. Now looking good runner for very little on the Internet might as well do you know. I might hold just start start inaugural partner. I. Okay. I'm not even really sure what to say I hear I mean I think. It probably for the best the UN Chloe you know go your separate ways. And that's it they'll like me at this point especially at her which could you got it's it's not that I. Yang. Seems. Yet. This. Formula that too late. You write about argue another thing that. You're hiding your problem we did your doctor and the. I mean like I got didn't I've been protective of ripple I don't think ever wider body cream. Okay. All right but thank you staff this has been there's been a jam. Is that one this is one for the ages. Now. I don't get it. Well luckily you call now and you guys can have an honest conversation about. It and I tech girl she's couldn. On matters where. You don't want a collared just write her a note. And leave it on your frowned and then fall asleep nearer. And when she used to hear finger and hand massaged his league. This. Is perfect I'd say thank you very much. They had ever regret it goes yeah yeah I think he's that banks are gone and I appreciate you can. You know spending on in your relationship and while he's keeping you're stealing his fingerprint. For an eerie but I have heard that if you do. You use the button on your frowned a massage it to be your finger high which you then that's it as it makes target him. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.