Where Is This Relationship Going With Seth and Chloe Part 2

Thursday, March 23rd

Chloe thinks Seth has been phoning (another) friend.


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She I'll star. Where is this relationship. Going Regis I just sat about his fix of relationship with low weeks. And he feels like everything was really hot and heavy at first and go and great for the first three months but. She is getting colder and colder and colder. And he doesn't like to go gold he wants that he would act up again though we are gonna call Chloe and ask her that uncomfortable question. Where is this relations. Or is you predicted would you say where did this relationship. Right. All right sappy story and you're needed you that's. Absolutely and wouldn't let wrestler K drive perfect. We're gonna put you on hold and we will call Chloe. While you listen in and then after we wrap up with her will pick you back up Andy's. You gave to give us your final thoughts and I'd. I've put this question we're breaking the ice but that's not the right freeze. Is pretty nice to be that. Initial conversation yet aim had that six months ago on a street and fifth at. I. Won't you please speak clearly. I clearly this is Stanford Jeffords and show how are you. I don't. I am well how old are you all can I am here in jest here too and we are excited to have you on the show today. I'm not me and say 09. Well a lot about relationships on our channel and we wanted to ask you a couple of questions about your relationship with. Aren't okay. Hey sorry I know this is kind of awkward but so that's what we do and Seth call our show to explain to us that. Think it is a little bit. Us and a little bit weird and your relationships so he. Jess felt like things are off to a really great start and then they started as well and he can't figure out why. So he want us I. Use the question like. What happened and where is this relationship going trio. Yeah. OK I mean. I mean he's he's an okay guy to. And I'd. Like we've been dating for our minds and they're okay like the past several weeks he's been. Kind of weird because other than that it felt I think like super protected I'm like do you believe it out or anywhere you know no big deal. And all of a sad and it's like you know at least they found it always been a high can't. Like YouTube and then into the convenience store or something you can use you know to leave it in the car no big deal but now it's like. I dashed on that. I'm like get from the charger and bring an event like he. You are on top of that self and I don't now last time I was with a guy and that started happening I. I know what that means. Yes so you feel like he is dating somebody else even backing off. I mean they should. It seems he's not he doesn't. Like you don't think injured but there's something outgoing nine and I I mean I'm good whenever I'm not gonna backed that that might format that that's what I'm there that I'm glad. It definitely gave me kind of a signal to what kind of let him. Is he. Have you said anything to him like his. Is he giving you any indication that that. Something else is going I'm besides the sub prime stuff and it's now have you said anything to him. Now I knew my actions speak louder than words I I mean I don't feel like I have to have found you know. In your taped conversation about like going on I just think that it. Now he's kind of shall we need in his own way that that there have been out going on and I don't I don't feel like I need to. Pushed the issue like that. Have you looked at his found as I kind of feel like if someone was. All this and being protective of their found it would make me wanna look at it more. And I never went to that on in the first place like there was then you know you know other than when he was like I rebate check the truck banker you know a bit like that back. In terms of nick you secretly like doll but now I I'd like called port security at. Yeah. I would be too I would Pete kind the last. I think you guys should stay together and you should look at his front and the ethnic. Hello I'm I it it'll Khloe then he could be planning a surprise for you or something that would be. You want to keep private by would be in good. And not in bad economic chipper being sneaky. It felt like it would do and you're now and went on your lap properly that her back get. I don't know but it seemed like a we heard. Saying it had not like him and aligned in that email or any saying I don't know how I like get one of those tech methods being delicate eye and on the continent and they've popped out. He controls. Our own sorry you guys still dating her you not dating in your mind. I mean and I find it right it's terrible hang out but I'm Lily. Died and that the that they might like I don't see that in the future. Form need battle I I mean I'm not with anyone else right now I'm not actively like you're learning things that I I don't see that like. You know hurt or exclude them. If his phone habits changed would you be OK with them or is it. Done. I mean I'm trying to get done that this plane again. I mean I I would consider it I supposed to ever think I really rationally than it totally can't ballot. But at this point I'm not saying that. We are cut from a different cloth because I would have to find out that app it would drive me not that I wouldn't know why he was signing his phone. And then I would not be able to keep dating him if I turn my mind off like. I'm just. I had no like I I even wonder like the heat got Kenderick Allen at some beta by. I don't know I did I did not sure I need ice anymore than it all right let me get protect them. But I they would Jen saying is you're staying with him kind of casually. When you're pretty sure that he's talked in other girls on the side like. That's a Jen saying she can't handle and be able to still. Hang out with. I don't know. I don't know I get that to feel like because I know there's not a lot on term future or not I met met a carpet tomorrow I would say yeah. Is not. No I'm not. Don't care I suppose Italy are not you know I like that like we had done little parents saying. Nobody knows who. He thinks next month yeah he cavs in six months. He said the guys started dating in a party like six months ago on a couch you both policy about a couch united and he invited you. To come home with them in your right yep he's an I was six months ago Arafat makes a difference or not to you. Why would I mean. That would let let let happen and apparently not very good time management has Brett. What is. I don't think how can. I thank you growing. Everything is more grave for a guy side of that. I. I think it's a time when the Chloe. I any predictions on his response to and feel like he's now lie like a guy. Why would he lie about his phone about his alone are right. Would have happened was passing you don't really even have analyzed both equities at. Star in 941.