Where Is This Relationship Going With Seth and Chloe Part 1

Thursday, March 23rd

Seth and Chloe have been dating for several months, and it's been going great...until recently. Seth wants to know what changed.


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all the net. Now. Errors this relationship going. And right now it is. Well we ask the awkward question where you. And I feel like even though it's really uncomfortable at times at least maybe we get the conversations start. And you're going to be interested in this when Jen because normally it's a woman calling out and she's night. We've been dating for eleven years we moved in together eight years ago on I can't figure out why hasn't proposed. And it's usually lower really asking while in today's scenario we actually have a guy and German named sat. It's not welcome to this now. Maybe under the gun power is that's. Are your dual led to do a better side you know what the manipulation problem you know. Okay so what's going on who's here relationship with. Obviously would destroy Gloria. You know we have been patent firm like about six months now. See your girlfriend's. To cut girl and I hate you can you. Literal threat and then like in on the definitely. You know. I mean that's that's ally in particular people are sure. It's just gotten beard like the last few months away. It's just been really like it started out like really regulation. And it and it's it's cool off the bat the last few months at odds. So are you guys dating exclusively or where you. You guys heard you say growth but growth Rambo Allegra you guys boyfriend and girlfriend. Yeah I mean that's I mean they articulate we have a leg had like a conversation about it they look like. You feel that lately you know I mean especially considering like you know coming out of paper like you know we're really serious in good recruits that because it. And you know him. I don't know it just got there like I NC the last do you monitor. Old pot. Say geyser dust flying a boyfriend girlfriend and dating exclusively. And know what's the last contact today you've packed with there it was icy give us an example. More clearly like. Like that's rarely give an example to escalate due to buckle story. So that we first met. We met a friend got support your mutual friend. That you are exposed like you know a little bit too Jerry get at the board mostly on the couch like next to each other. And gold will go out late you know we're on the same time it's important to rap about. And like I'm not usually like this for a little girl I don't usually try to play that card but like that night I was feeling you know a little emboldened to whatever. And I legislate it might you know I don't wanna go home by myself you want to coordinate. How you should yet heard a some of you right away. Yeah I mean you know we're we're a little group adds to date and at a library. You know. So many credit increased at the night but they're not. A problem. And you know remove it it would be great regret that favors enjoyed every day you know we are going all the time around a lot are never great chemistry. And men. You know she just kind of started to get like really could stay in light. Have you ever maybe ever brought it up their current incentive had he Blake. Why is it different now than a way is echoing mantra Dominica. I mean I'd like Internet. Our goal. You know like what like we have looked like a regular spending it will likely to electric yellow and like a bit like you know enable blog this week should be able I don't know Latino. I upload my goal we're blessed to see everything that you could just be like as soon. Better not happen. Yeah well you know what happens when he assumed. In upland alienating the I do so under attack. So do you think Jeff this could be a situation where she's just starting to be cold so that he does the breaking up and she stewed chicken did you let. That order can be a situation where your thinking more of this relationship than she is. But he is impossible that you can you guide thank you and your minds. Because it's a non traditional start to a relationship so I'm wondering if maybe she's like others will be fun for awhile. And then. Nash's eye hand. Out means they overran it says she's trying to move learned a year. You know calling in because you think it's more. And it is. Now men and I hope not groups like you know I'm not really like this girl and then. You know it was humorous like those first three months or dislike so awesome and only then it's just I got one that's one of the back to that in order to really. You're really glued retired then I like I didn't get along quite well I don't know what's on. All right well we'll call her and asked the question and then you know the group that obviously the first question is where's that relationship going. And then a followup is that like. You want to ended explain that you want more war. I did. And I got to make light of what I'd like to know what's going all ending you know I'd I'd like you know like you know what what I can be directed to give back to linger well I don't know that I necessarily want light. More. Definitely had affordable because right now. I feel I am going to be asking where did this relationship ago. Brandon who were here as this relationship going. But but we need every NASCAR and if she'll have to pass. With in her name's Chloe yeah. So yeah you'll make the phone call. I knew our behalf to Khloe. And well after the question. Where is this relationship going or. Where does this relationship gone wrong. When it is to question. And she I'll star.