Where is This Relationship Going: Sarah Wants to Settle Down

Friday, June 10th


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You want. Did you Athens and show up at some stage of the relationship everyone wants to ask the question where is the relationship going. But it just a bit nervous about the answer is asking. Am and that's what we're going to help Sarah dude today because she's got that question and her relationship. Yeah. So tell us about your boy and his team. You need it and we've been eating. My. You won't commit to. And I think there. App than my own. I don't know I mean they got back like lap to go out. Oh. A bottle. He says that he got a lot and it certainly but I went out fighting for and that what he walked out when he thought. Says there are about coming nights a week you guys spending time. Look at six months of casual dating and six months of intense. I mean kind of depends on the pace that there is a week 33 days and nights a week. That's. For its commitment where. You think. So you have and you haven't gotten entity one idea when's the last time you've had this where's the early going question or chat. You know it and give it a week ago and I hadn't tried about it articles are all that point where I don't now IE. IE needs and their current happens you know night. I don't know if it was right it would have been elected you know. So. What's the answer that will make you happy. Now let's get married. Well I go right. What Carlton. That they he knows I'm here. A packed. So got it says there's no real answers that will make you like thrilled. You just want him to note that your not messing around. 33 years old and I get ready for I don't have actually you know. There's an age difference. And so yeah I already did settle down and you namely thing you know that and Hughes are ready to. See how long he can stay at the bar after last call without getting thrown. You'll. Like I GAAP and Matt in forward. I want Italy tomorrow. Yeah they Eli I am. I. I need to know that this is going somewhere and I thought she column in it he'd you know. Than you hang on. Welcome back wall called him Uga to listen the conversation in here on the low then hill though the years serious and he'll commit the. While we don't know organ it's just. When it comes to diet does not make promises we can I'm just using the secret affect it at well I will call him next hang out and. Yeah. One. Jesse James shall.