Where is This Relationship Going Sarah and Adam Part 3

Monday, June 13th


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You want. You have this show. We just called Adam and Sarah's behalf asked him where is this relationship going and he basically say. No not gonna settle down not gonna happen I'm still single and likely. Hey it's Eric did you hear that conversation. Old. Erica. His answered it really change much from what utility. Well. It kinda big BK. You pretty much gave them an ultimatum. And I wasn't really expecting that you know. Well it was a hypothetical ultimatum gas. I. Like he says like eating. Well he's we said what would you say if she said. As long as you don't say that to them and you're good that you deserve to be okay with him does the united viewed but it's funny for no duty doesn't wanna be locked down. We pay heated text me. Sorry that what we wouldn't enact I was there from dateline. At that got their gear and campaign. Should give him an ultimatum. Yeah act mean. Aid can eat any. Meat and they hit it right back where we carry credit where it's now. We didn't make him do anything week you asked us to call and find out where the relationship was going and we did that. In the outcome. Captain may get like black and white given that often made up there and I hear you over that your country. You all the birds. You call. Yeah I can I want it hear how things you obviously an army and air. Yeah like being buried are not particularly when it. We did you told us what to do and we did it exactly. I figure out and then music like. Put it in the end there at the gate and that's what I I don't the upper. What what do you have to put up great. You asked us to make a call on your behalf and find out where the relationship was going so we did. And he laid the same answer then he has been given to you directly. For weeks or eight. Hello. She had. And I out of our in my totally out of liner. Oh OK I think fishing season had this year and get the answers she wanna cry. All right. Of the success story Big Ten dollar Atlanta. Listener at a time and that's how you grow our radios yeah. One. Did you have this game shall.