Where is This Relationship Going Sarah and Adam Part 2

Monday, June 13th


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You want. We Jessie. I'm all right we are about to call Adam your boyfriend of six months whose 24 years ago there is 33 does that make her puma. Makes it definitely cougar some sort you like the younger boys. And you want him to settle out. I we're gonna call him and ask him if that when he is ready for it this segment that we call whereas this relationship knowing. And. Luke. I fight. Weird. Kid. This is Jan and Jaffa and we are calling you to talk to you about your gross era. Oh she reached out to shallow and we did a segment called where is this relationship going in she said things going on great with you guys. She really and I am really likes you and loves hanging out together she's at the Kaiser are hanging out about three times a week but you haven't given her girlfriend title our commitment. Guerrero. So we are asking on her behalf for her and of bridging this awkward conversation of where is this relationship going for you. Wait you hold your column about. She told us that she has approached it with you and hasn't done any. We we talk about it every week. I now. And so she just wants us to reach out to you and they'll let you know that she's really seriously she really now she really wants an answer. So you get a radio issues the comedy. Side. So funny. Yeah Nazi straight I love thing you know whether. But you know. I'm I'm still. I'm done too young. To settle down. Are you dating anybody else. Not like particularly. You know. A mom I'm and the young guy. When it's time. So it a law or if you're out about her if you're roundabout and somebody says do you have a girlfriend what's your answer. No I don't attack because you're not exclusive. There I mean if we were lowered gathered. On the oh will be with you about what you. That we are back. You know you know I've got bought out. If she asked you the question either we have to be exclusive or we have to breakup. What happens. It got bowed out. Okay all right well thanks for talking to us is there anything else weekend. Save back to Sarah. Are you just gonna prying collar direct effect. I mean. I mean had the kind of ridiculous but he didn't have some information cares about worried she. Hello. I don't like an idea I I would be I would just be aware of that though going forward would have Santana. A hey and dude I'm 24 years old yanks have a 33 year. But this but it a huge hit. On. It's like you don't know well I think it exams yet her. Okay. We'll come right back and we will talk Iowa is that it's errors there will come Rabach we'll talk to Serra here and just demand and I actually going to be a fun summer season. She's spicy RI. One. Did you have this game shall.