Where Is This Relationship Going: Robin & Waavy Part 3

Thursday, December 15th


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Funny Doug. All over its yeah. The jet engine shop on stuff you know people look at. Where is this relationship going we just talked to wavy on behalf of Robin she wanted to fans call him even dating for about six months and he's been doing some really elaborate gifts for the twelve days of Christmas. But she didn't want him to be too serious and wavy just. Confess he does not ask that she is the one for him and he wants to. Spoil her with gifts for the rest of his life he wants to marry her he said so many beautiful nice things about you rob. Yeah I heard and I was pretty happy that younger. The dancers. Wore down but what I needed you already know that you know wiping out of that word late well. I don't know about Myanmar lucky at. I mean an adult I need to you know making it a grownup decision and that I. You know they were being so will he went out. So even after hearing him say that he wants to marry here now. Yeah a kind outweigh that appear to be really finance. Will you ever get there with him. Would. I don't know I don't think that'll pay you never now. Are you saying you are you saying you never know just because. He's basically delivering Neiman Marcus TU item by Qaeda. I'll be honest with you I really like many things I like the mountain bike he's got off hard down. And hit an innocent not although they have always hope engines working and hanging in a note on an exciting. Not only everything actually. Well. Are you physically attracted to him. I met. I'll look bad but not as high and how I wanted to eight. And do you wish industry. Do you enjoy spending time with Kemp. Yeah I don't I'd rather than I was and I feel like that's why I'm on the again. All right I mean I think lending Aaron I don't know why do you act in the honored and it's you know and I like things to say I like a good battle and Huntington the timing is not I'm not so I don't know. You know don't let it. Well and now fairness when we talk to him he knew that. Yeah he night. Why why it was to acquire a copy if you look like that's happening because they may need ElBaradei. He goes looking and it's hit in Idaho and Nevada now acting prime and I could tell about it. You know put some really great to get there next week ended up not happening. Percentage wise rate now. What is the likelihood you'll change your mind ever about marrying him. It. I. Hear that and twos. In present and it reminded them all and it. Well I'll listen just. Thank you for for bringing that there's Merry Christmas. If he gives you one of those Microsoft surface tablets and you don't want it via just remember who helped you out. Or summary and you can't exchange the wall lit for the other caller oh my annual delivered right here what size are a little bit. What's I shoot you marriage and gays nine all right wrong. I know why why weren't they are getting extras if you don't like this style I'd. Are there any things and things are on agreement through the Sam. I don't buy guys you know how things I. I. I have to ask you this would you. If you were her to switch the generals but if you are would you feel guilty. Taking those guests. It's I really. Difficult question and answer because there are both really blatantly. Honest about where they far. And it's not financially putting him out in any way in Fahrenheit and make sure that didn't sound like and don't like a little. I think I would but they're both being completely if age jury how me out here which you guilty about it. At all how. I've been. Eventually she march are feeling guilty you know I see it'll spill like the relationship isn't going anywhere are. I mean right now I think see that the gators he likes that guy on you know and. Of course he liked the give acting cute aren't are now I do now. And in my position that have been me and eventually I did feel that. Interest and not hers. Fired because you know you're honest with them you know you tell them you know eventually they're only heat. You know growing and you're just kind of based back in you know you turn a little guilty Darryl. I aging you gotta give it up like well as the nicest get at got a. I mean don't ingredient so yeah but you know whipping at our. Despite some Gucci and you know little things like that they are going to be. Critical to me. I'm managing about that I'm an entry UT staff I realize now that the price of anything. Personnel at Neiman Marcus is one broken man's thoughts of. I think AJ and hey Jessica although it's Evans and show. I Harry I'll go any have a zero. I'm yelling at iron to. Really really perplexed this morning why that I also validated by. You know giving that lady get eaten that you've ever and I are looking at ten yeah he's. Part of it doesn't as part of it romantic. I guess part of it him saying. I know she's the way and for me. I have the means to me her champions boiler. I aimed is that possible. And samurai determined but. They're allowed about inflation you that would love to get and let him back. And I don't burn. Her name is yes. Yeah. Because other occasion NC. Might not have 800 dollars per Davis and then to obviously. I think she means for other citizens. Okay. Hey Jamie answered on. I. Yeah very true and it what do you think you. Yes. They're asking all of its towel. They. They're more man in myrtle. Yes thank you. There's our personality and our sense of humor and are good luck. Our big hand all of those things. Replied you understand ladies we are not just pieces of meat it's a useless. Christmas with the Japanese yen Xian.