Where Is This Relationship Going: Robin & Waavy Part 2

Thursday, December 15th


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Die before long and thanks for waking up would you ever again. I just a couple of minutes ago we talk to rob and and she was just his faith and where is this relationship going now. I think at my head restaurant that's right and so correct me if anything's I'm about today's tech. Robin has been dating waive the first six months yes he started giving her against this past week. Under the guise. 1212 days of Christmas yet so far he's given her late 15100. Dollars were at that game I heard Jimmy choose. And I heard a 500 dollar gift cards somewhere that Delta Airlines or she wants to now and then like hand back or something or Louis Vuitton wallet. She though is enjoying dating him it does not want to marry. They shoot yet she wants us to ask where's this relationship going is she needs to know if he's taking it too seriously or if he's just a really nice gift ever. Welcome back to the show Robin. All right we're gonna call him we'll just ask you to listen in to. The phone call will put you on hold you won't be able to hear anything you Romulus say any thing you'll be able to hear everything and then after we talked a wavy. Welcome back and get your thoughts and I Eric pulled out and oh. Yeah. I. SP two weighted please. It really this is Jack and Jeff from cern and 41 how are you. Aren't there and then later. Happy holidays to you pay and we are always do you Wear on you and as part of a segment we do on harsh I'll. Who worked or will there are certain that it had to say about really. Shouldn't chance. And we call it where is this relationship going so I'm calling about at the woman that you're dating named Robin. Yeah and and she is having a great time with you and we just have all kinds nice things to say about you and on how she's really enjoying the twelve days of Christmas as the events celebrating with her and she HSA you know was curious and wants to know the answer the question where is this relationship with TO. You know our our loved her and and and she doesn't meet. She doesn't think international. Will be Trevor resident you know I'm determined to change that because I know she will learn forever. Oh really okay. Now. So you guys have had some relationship talks and she's been really honest with you about. About how she feels. Yeah yeah actually yeah actually she she and her. And used do you think that the the elaborate dance in the expensive. Gift cards and whatnot are. Going to win her over like is that why. That would she she needs is proof for her. You know yeah I heard yes which is sure that she's float in and that I ordered all the pressure. And I mean I really do that at them which can handle it all. And you know and then they compared her. Pouring. In relation that should not of that. The man it's financially actually born in and can provide. Not only can recognize shared that I can also directing that she launch. Agents or else the game you can care for her and spoiler. That pay wavy can I ask you really personal questions. Yeah. All right Ed are you really bring it back. Hit an eclectic. Yeah I did you know I have a really it's I'm a blushed. Today. Were things that I had look I looked picture well literature or. There. Getting these gifts are hers on that twelve days of Christmas isn't making you broken anyway. Russert because it sounded like you wanna these gives him really impressed are and I wondered if that was putting any sort of financial strain on you like you're saying not enough. Lowell. I mean this is what I needed to record understand. And the room and continue to do even the Christmas so. Or special occasion and I'm just a bottle that I you know but I have to be the right person. And election he would Eric Gershon. And how Long Will you let this. Go on for for lack of better ways saintly. How long I mean it's so. Sure as well actually let me in the united angered China and asking them and we weren't paying. You're married on the romance action and them. That included. In and I loved her and really get another way. About a little thing and I'm gonna go wrong and I actually. She's an upload patiently she is the one thing. And I love it that much. You know what I wanted to do well I don't do fair. Now I. Thank you for talking with us about it and you if you ever want to make new friends thought I hit. Yes Kyra and you friends and translate it yeah and I just. Yeah and you never never wanna hide Jimmy GA less fanfare radio show. And play. And community. Wish you very anchors the and I am I not do and I'm I'm I'm Jim consume and I would I would really like woman's make some services. And I'm this I'm not what you guys do. That to have the as Ravi. They yet reality yet. Wow what you allow view of their. All right so. While the is like. He's so we are he is so head over heels and let her views and. I welcome back in three minutes and it's Friday. I mean they're both being really honest with each other teams yeah I her name is Robin Wright now to Robin. Perhaps you listen on that we'll talk to her neck than three minutes here on the job convention. And die. Before law and thanks for awake enough when Japanese yen.