Where Is This Relationship Going: Robin & Waavy Part 1

Thursday, December 15th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now back to. On starting for life where is this relationship going it's the question that we always want to ask inside relationships have a certain point. And so it's court. At some time it just going to be so we do it for you and today we are doing whereas this relationship going for Robin Robin. Welcome Jeff yeah. They say it in about. An. OK to tell us about your relationship and who we're gonna ask the question team. Okay I'm gonna ask you waiting Anke my place to land. I really beneficial on important lighter picnic in here. Okay what anyway so what's his name again. Waiting wavy. Just seeing him you know I like me outlet that the idea at certain wave he. Yes okay so the look and act. No I didn't started giving a different kid is at thirteen right like it's not be the Atlantic and there. And so far he's given me an initiated. Lou that her life and I've Connecticut Hartford out. And on and doesn't happen and I got quite happy given something you know I got the look of a policy like a lot and he loved the K. I'm out of a hundred dollar gift card there right. I was thinking in you kidding me so much you know about it you know not that I. I'm gaining more weight that the relationship means a lot more to Canada you know credit actually. Is he wrong loaded. Legacy wealthy. Yeah I do not let me it looked like at the rate that he I need to recruitment. And looked like you I never Latin. Nine wow no life yeah. I'm like yeah right and Lehman but I thought we cannot let out early and but I don't want to be like. Where you directly that I got it at I would leave really like and I cannot mask. I mean I don't want and not let my accountant. We wagon. You said was sale as there's a weird. Yet an audience via speaker from any chance. I'm now won't. Is there's a strange echoes that we didn't hear in the last part of what you said. I said. I would easily like ten but I don't understand that in my mind that. Not so you're enjoying dating him you wanna keep dating him by if he's thinking. Diamond proposal. Your ears like Nana. Net water. And an. Len and that men and. Like yeah I know he didn't know I'm gonna. Not elaborate hoax I wanted to make sure that Apogee and known topic and anything can not want to. God okay. Now wow OK so. You said he is pretty well off right he does well. Yet we Don and yeah I mean and quickly got part of that's. We record that late reggae in Atlanta and I'll. Let them to be money it made bad to have money might give view. Jimmy choose. In a 500 dollar gift card two weeks before Christmas and a money gorgeous. What looked hard at the front line and but you know yeah I mean I want to let me no matter and I hate that again I wanna make sure that you know it's not going. You know and it had that we're gonna. I finally got hit you know like I didn't eat anything with the idea that everything that happened had changed the series. And I'm. Wow all right so how do you think he's gonna respond to getting a call from last. I don't know and handing it out. The cool. My god I don't I don't don't get the reality that I can that I do really like him again I think. You know I think that I pay I loved being on how to begin trying to find. I don't know that you know I know I'm very content that you know you know in Egypt note Galley and I don't really know that alpha dealing popping back I didn't really like. You're enjoined twelve days of Christmas that he's presenting absolutely yeah yeah yeah. You you definitely don't sound super sham. There is no god but I do like. I hit it out I mean not like about the document yet and I am thanks. I want you can't you know that you like and I wanna make sure that you know what I don't want her and I grant you don't think they. So just to recap because. What we will do is call him here in a few minutes you get to listen into the whole conversation. Ands will we'll ask him what his intentions are with a relationship where is this relationship going. So pole by just so we're clear. If he's just giving you these gifts because it's standard issue gifts that he gives them the women that he's dating. You're all for it you'll take them. But you don't want him to bank that. You wanna get married or anything like that if this is too much then. Even though you'll have to sacrifice the next seven or eight days or six days raided labs. Of Christmas I Japanese that you lean your team with him. I am I while here's the deal I knew his expensive yes sure I mean it. Most of the time RB fall right if you're kidding me really since it just means invested in this relationship. Oh. Maybe it's an on a different playing field though if peace. Well to do we will come rate back to you here in three minutes Robin and you'll get to listen in as we call him all right. Now do you do you want me you want to know that I'm on the line argue not that they had I'm here. Now he had zero idea that your on the line. OK got it right you just need to listen in union could talk. I don't. The relationship with one acts it's. A great job that specialty stores there yeah as is going to shops at and all I talked to him next I'm 34 on. Peachtree City and all over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. To just enjoy and Shia on snow or no need for a long line.