Where Is This Relationship Going: With Rebecca and Jamie

Thursday, June 8th

Rebecca thinks it's time for her little brother's girlfriend to get serious


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jessie. Early this relationship and always. Is going to ask the uncomfortable question today on this episode of where this relationship going hey Rebecca. I'm saying how very you know. We are good how are you is the question. I'm fine actually harmed. I think Connie don't have. IQ could it not fair that I. That China. And I would like you bank to call. Other complex. I mean. For me and my brother he. Better prepared for your senate and he. And that they did better blank two years I can't typically. I think rightly like speed and I think you know I had boxes. She's felt like you like her a whole lot so yeah. That word arrayed there is JP's at least favorite word on I mean now I ate my. As cereal he always he said especially when like Heidi says something spying because they and he knows things are anything but. Fine. So right there and why can't. Yeah like she. Other procedures. For my. Brother who hadn't Cooper Shia couldn't come up but I like I had. He got together really fast in everything that there are packed and he adores her and she hung the moon and every time workload and light right Blake. There's to me there caricature together and all that perhaps we always out and that is how to count on holidays like we'd try and and he'd turn you. Ask him how. Stupid this is why now what are you and in addition the one that. Opponent and you can't compete ready and I he'd like. She eat it I guess I'm gonna get a good. And act and that. Well I know I'm overly protective action about a diet could think that it took out of the ordinary well. Yeah. I am clear you did did you know our. But I love him with my whole heart and I were there it is and it's important arch. And I wish they had that gore got hurt. Yeah. I'm sitting across from two women live. Both have Brothers yeah listen. I just went as gen Intel only if your attitude is typical or extreme. I think she's extremely honest but I don't think that her opinion is extreme. I now I would kill some money thing Hummer yeah I would even tunnel. Even in a romantic relationship where people get hurt people you are right. My brother's heart I break your jaw hurt yeah. Now you're done I can't stand to see my belly makes are her right now but it is thinking about in this situation you are extremely honest because they've been dating two years maybe they're young enough ready. However is in Roland on to things and they learn and then she says no RC just like shot the idea down completely broke my Brothers art yeah she was. Eight I never heard from. Another question for its leather is certainly. And we call genie and ask her that question are you OK with us telling her that year the one who wants and now. Because I wouldn't wanna get Ryan in trouble. When I well I think it's tandem. A crack down. I'm fired back just will not any signs. That OPEC. That Ryan and then Jamie and I know I don't mind I that you would tell her that but yeah I I can't I just think. I know how he feels about her and I never put together Priscilla and knowing that she trying. I mean I think that she checked out of pocket right so. The main issue is back. Sheets so it is relaying to she just seemed to eat not ready or not that played and my gear it back but it couldn't continue and you can conducting. You know his whole precious part. We just didn't ever really get directions. And own. They are. Not on heaps funny I think she is 27 she got back. This same age and everything yeah yeah yeah ice in the way worse is weak calls her hands. I had a conversation with her while you listen and see you'll never interact with her but we will teller then it's and it's you asking. And then welcome back to you after that conversation will gate gate your feedback cycle. I won't send you guys you're very welcome I hang on the line I knew he cited that we get to be big serves four year this past. And I don't us. And I am liable commands in three minutes and Omega somehow all right but. Out of London. Star in 941. Where is this relationship going about the call Cheney. On behalf programs Baghdad Jamie is fading Rebecca is little brown. And Rebecca and knows she's a perfect big sister. And her little brother Brian his head over heels for Jamie. They're Beckett Wisconsin do hate you and Mary you're like where is this relationship going so Philly cheese and are going to be. You know channel ire are big sister Nancy yup and make this column find out it's going to be a little awkward plus you. We like awkward. I. Are you ready to make this call or red back he's still into it. I got we are putting you on hold and we're calling Jimmy. All. I. It can you please because Jamie. Are so hey Jamie this is still an enchanting chili cheese from the jet contention are you. I. Am I'm you can hurry and it's how we leaking into this morning. No I'm just particular little something to do that allergies. Law I'm Jay Genzyme what are. I know well I know well thanks for talking with us I appreciate you coming on the show. No no problem. So genuine call today about relationships. And I'm specifically about your relationship with Brian. And we have a question for you about your relationship that Bryant but the question actually doesn't come from Brian. Yeah it's actually coming from his sister has on our sister Rebecca. Well. Home so I'm obviously as you know brains can't really close family in their own release time needs ends. Pretty protective over him and aren't. They just wanted to ask to find from you will. How you're feeling about the relationship and and it's really where this relationship is going free you know. Carrying can really can't stand stand. Yes I have seen is. Just you know after a couple years together she sink in the next stage is going to be. In their marriage and he becomes sister mom and unless Sasser and so she wants to do is that the direction that. It's pet it and because she thinks. Brian wanted to go in that direction. Cool okay all right brain should talking about and that kind of hundred at this. Why thing she's putting on like that protective big sister Nancy sees in our brother really. As on the had a real love appreciate and sound like her brother feeling use common man like he thinks the world view so I think she just wants to make sure that. Before mom. I guess he invests. This on unlike the rest of their lives together that maybe that's for your thought is going not necessarily today but that you would see a future with him. I don't plan to send agreed that against her and connect. The questions he should be asking that conditioning that kind of a war count our child. And they think that's basically what he's told her so far is he's just said that. You know as far as the whole marriage thing goes I don't think Jamie's in that place yet and kind of just told the sister that and move on. So there's it because they. I think she needs generic. I think she's excited at the prospect of welcoming you into the family she said that your thought that she lets you inside all the boxes to check on the boxes. And seeing. Her and mean especially if cyanide he told her exactly you kind. Waiting until. I'm ready annual whatever I did play at age fifteen really invasion on her part. Did you take over radio channels. The do you mind me asking how the relationship is between you and Rebecca. I mean it's trying normally it's not like a big deal and you can't analogy very close they can practically had to get a lot of whenever you're. Would you say that your personalities are similar are quite different. A little bit different. You know like in what ways. Com. Did you not learn like this Palin woman. And meet. And hello to acquire a planner and a lot more laid back and then touched in appearing in doubt in my silly and I actually different now I. Are you looking forward to a time when she is your sister for the rest of their lives fifth. OK I am currently I don't feel comfortable entering this does. And not for other people. OK well. We're sorry we come to yeah I didn't wanna do it Kelly cheeses and one whose eyes in Wuhan and do you apple dump seven brain to I don't even think he knows this whole thing is happening. So hey. He's a little in the dark honest. I think in an innate spirit and an eye for an eye if you have a Big Brother your Big Brother should called Bryant since. Just get there. I would like this Yosemite Sam mud flaps. Are the ones this about a loss of icon on your reconcile. After sending thank you can do that when you travel back in times in 1984. With a good. Thank you JB with the things singing and saying they can't live we'll come back and a three minutes they have the town and talked to Rebecca who just got to listen in that whole conversation I'm sure she is feeling fine. Everybody's so fine and everything. Main event is so not going to be fun I love them all find out in three minutes and the jet engine test and eight RY. Did you envision shall Carnegie sort. I did. Of where does this relationship going could be in the toilet we can get it signed we've just it's a fine if criticized it Jamie. Ryan girlfriends. And now we get a ticket for Rebecca. Brian's big this gadget just coming onboard this is a little more complicated than usual false Rebecca wanted us to call her brother's girlfriend. To ask where's this relationship going. And this. We did bad and it did nacco fine. And I was not a neighbor. Rebecca welcome back to dish out. Playing here. Caves so I Sealy fizzles say he could be in thrown back and forth between the Ewing Jamie. Pop. At her ray I just change. The more her. I'm channel online and in all of that part of that too personality. She so. I I can't read the Kurds and chief marketing. Panicky. I don't feel like age when the two day period to relationship with the wind. Her and that is. Tracking would remember if they have literally you could be able. June. The air right. Now. Now we need to I had everything only. And that I just. I I I believe term bridge that. Hurt. So. Lola and the won't. Back to you realize you just use the word respect is a question. I am I mean to respect her own well I will lie. She the one I'm calling I shot right and it took care. Pitch. Acting like I don't know. And I didn't hit it like it's okay. Insists she didn't know age. We. We more than just can't go against. What. At me and I mean keeping ranked in the eighth. Seed and each sorely mistaken and entered the price. She didn't she can now get here. We are all open at each other we are all with each other. Are darned good to be constantly each other out. Don't get out and narrow mind. Works. So if Brian Mary. I mean I'm scared why well Jamie Mary's your family and that includes year. She are sure we are on the way to. Our other people in your Standley lake Hume. Most of the art when I'm. Certain if you like our friend. Right on the ground up which she everyone's so. Oh look a lot of them and our print out there whatever. Out there but it could. A good look who Wear you know. Let you know whether there is that there's a difference between then and now and what's happening now is your dealing with the adults. Who learn who can make their own decisions and and vent their own at all. You know I'm sure I. Turkic and all your relations. But. Dirtier drinking beer loving and you're only the stopped. Get people become adults. And adults. I mean I honestly I think that there are a lot of our Jeff engines show family that are going to agree with her back no chance now. I mean no way I think a lot of them are gonna say maybe Jamie has guns in never back over the years and has had this conversation privately with Brian has said and is not ready for it please don't tell your sister. So many people have lost their siblings. To marriage. Yeah Mary's takes him away from the family. Yeah I don't disagree at hang out. Who wants talk about this since it hurts and my brother are. It's able to town and I figured where and lots to say I'd love. Art. I'm not sure what I'm lucky I. Got. Word that I would give my back. You treat and respect and street ends. Luckily and kindly at the outlet doesn't hurt her day. What if he's what she's already said that to him. I know I can tell you come out routes. And the money all hands. Blanket. And content on the guy I ever going well the minds and then. Waiting and waiting. Do you think he is currently blinded that. By a one man that that is not good enough for him. I. Think. Shall America do you think there's a better woman out there for him. I am on. An and he was with a woman. They went like I. Did I'd be thrilled all of ever want to mean. What we want here. I don't wanna hear. I'm what. I now. And that there. It's just doesn't exist I don't disagree you are I know I don't. I lineup and he knew it is a 150%. All about my brother. I don't want these new like maybe I don't know wishy washy about man I know I'm telling you I won that for my Brothers Juba is a sister is coming and you like this idea I younger chills up my brain my the last time the rights under class and I'm. All right Rebecca we're gonna let you go because that phone lines are locked out everybody's I'll. Soros Ford 2630941. Your phone calls. Next in don't see is Rebecca ran around here because it is run back down. And Jen. And Kathleen. I'm right around unity here I mean. And jumpstart. It before one. We get a phone call from Merom back out. Her baby brother's dating a woman named Jamie. Rebecca says you call Jamie and find out what her intentions are but my little brother. Again to educate caring hands. Choose a little. Intents. And Jamie girlfriend a little. Aloof. From it. Relation MIA I wish her baby brother Brian and she showed me. Because that's not really the sister's place. Kelly Jan disagree. Christine and Marietta what's up. And I. Just I am trying to understand this crazy big sister when have you. Okay redneck and her vernacular that our. I'm going to be back and think really screaming at the act. I remember and then they need an actual. Amount anybody radio had a new baby within the ground all right well why. I carry here at the Baltimore tied to people. Don't want no questioned gonna once your colleagues don't wanna be an act Munich last week. You wanted to potted flags. I carried out. Ground yeah ground. Am I. Have to. Iron. Is. Oh now I had in mind you they admit it if I wondered whether any airline. Running and I you know I'm glad all of you gotta land in Cuba because he's not a B eighty. Need everybody mad at me yeah I mean they're out immediately apparent. Let you know. Regular thing let an important it is part broke in need get a hug them. Knew it. There's so many people. It in this situation it's amazing. Danielle and it Peachtree City had. Well her and care that he need to run. Aren't. I had an eight year old. Really yeah. Oh this is there was meddling in your relationship. I don't know Irish three or any up. Lax in that matter it's govern how wet goal he had not act I hadn't been. Errol parents came to our wedding registry issue didn't like what actually out. I SC do you gain yeah it's you know blame the mayor is Andre. Do you blame the failed bears on the. Part that they were on. Well I love you did not actually. It would get my eighty Carol I got nursery ready and light blue I get a little tonight and Jarrett. Follow. Scouts and sleepy when a patient that you're never an enemy. I'm so fascinated a changing of the registry let you start opening your wedding guests you know like women it is debt that's three pick out patterns and all that. I really do my best I remember Cali like agonizing over you know that the right patterns and other alleged yet wrapped him found out. That my mom winning in changed that. I'll. I Che Li an act or is also in Jamie's situation KK elite. And I am an ordinary exact situation actually my boyfriend had ordered it to urge. And I'm on a mom and grandmother and all day needed when it. That have a lot about our relationship and make me feel like I have. My own relationship and I am content that my relationship than that she. Yeah and it sucks because. You have your own life into a situation. I am not a huge camera person and certainly not to pursue their clothes I can't support a leg attached. Are very big Stanley people are constantly having to do to prevent and Scottish town in god and how unique thing but once a week. Ten. Did we have great meaning that they are able aren't likely around and we don't ordinary year it's hard to do that and I love my boyfriend and all my heart and Mary did not change that some want to X. I had contemplated. Contemplated at any time to get to be strong opinions and it women and that guy. As your lawyer not your boyfriend. You know the you've contemplated ending the relationship because of his. Family or does that sound you just keep quiet until you coloring your chair. Let me talk about it I had said you know like they need to mind their business in Qatar relations and now they each had. Can't stand back a little bit and talk about how to ensure that that I am confident our relationship I have. And I. Got about. You know I do this stretch of my life because I only like it to get worst once and I were a part of him. Or I don't know but I think Rebecca just need to my helmet. And her brother your relationships just like going on behind closed doors are American. An email and about it pattern becomes his followers do you got and today seems limited edit this we can always think he's. Hayley thank you so is that call. Whenever we have conversations like this and topics like this and the show we continue. The discussion on our FaceBook page yet aren't always ask people love you have siblings are meddling. And any other than metal and selling clothes no. FaceBook dot com slash Jesse James channel I've read your comments and there's got to weigh in and that's. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.