Where is This Relationship Going: Misty's Reaction

Thursday, July 21st


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Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion out on star not before one. Where is this relationship going we're about to check in with misty who just heard Scott. Talk about Scotland they're women. Yelling at the radio right now because miss the is so nonchalant about it guy who's like. Might have to drive a couple of hours you know get a job there after four months. There are women's grieving in their courage and if they can't find a guy who's willing even. Turn off a game or a PlayStation for a few minutes you may get off of Pokemon yeah it. Misty. Yeah did you hear the conversation we've. Excuse me Iranians and now. Yeah she sounds like now what is sweetheart. You don't you know really that guy that guys are assigned site. I think that is. See how it. You know. Aren't missing. Misty missing messy. I have what they think it's nice single lane. But I have an open ended. You can still have made if you let Scott go right and and he can go. B was another person. Well. And maybe that you build it looked shocked and appreciate. One. But you can't he be a hero is back and see if she like to get of a guy she's like you can't. You can't. You can't base your relationship with Scott and how good or bad. The guys in Greenville. That's jacked up. Don't flat. You know you are in London you can you know what else he can build. You don't every once you find that person that you wanna be you and you don't think about what else is out there you're done you're good event filled so. You're obviously not. I think I've not moved in the united soccer action at. Well I think walk and then they think that you're reading that you can't even fewer arrows. Who. Called them. Walked. Out hot she's hot that he won't care is I think I might. Humble. You know that snow Jack but that's a great point and have really what you. Yeah I mean he seems to be. All right I would actually liked it checked bag game. We view and dealers guy. After this whole yet not a group after all okay good Scots in here the entire three parts of. If he wants. We be want would you not be able that's that's somebody on the radio talking about your relationship. I'd written a lot. Radiate. Should that taught it to him directly. We may be checking review in the next Ayers okay. There's no way. Thank you miss the banks is to get back conversation and I would like this and this picture. I thought I don't know how hot and it's the Fijian. Though are right. Thank you Nancy. Appreciate why would you call that another successful episode of where's Israel patients who go over and nothing service. Indeed. And where is this relationship going. Nowhere. Kevin did you start before it. It full time this week he's on his daughter now. It's my friends and show.