Where is This Relationship Going: Is Misty into Scott?

Thursday, July 21st


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So starting now before blind. They name this segment is where is this relationship knowing and that's where we ask the uncomfortable question. That you don't want to ask. It's the elephant program it's paying out of the pack your mind when he reached that stage relationship and one more so for women and guys. There's got guys can be pretty oblivious about we had a Geithner. One can be done is about a dozen times you had one guy. The there's no guy doing it this week it to miss the making the call famously. I have their body yeah Harry. Right tell us about this relationship. Well but they are about former accountant you. Then. But in England and living room. Act to actually Japanese greenback. Powell I want and well and we're headed and it but you know less. And aren't delayed its Arab State's record and Adobe technical levee you know like twenty. And in the city. So luckily. We're gonna break and you know it needed to do it in. They can balance out. All right so hole I'm actually okay with breaking off. Part of me thinks it might be exciting. News why why wouldn't you just break it up and why Anna now. You know what I liked it there. Says she's hedging her bets here. Now what cancer is gonna make you the happy if we call him and what's his name. OK if we call Scott and say where's this relationship going. I ever ever with that make you heard him going to. Ish she moves maybe and. If any Arabs say it first before I know how I feel about it. Pan. There. Yeah I mean I he and I and I said today. You should. You are right you use should just. Go to Greenville and break up with him. I laugh. Again. It now. Now. This is so do nonchalant she's like I never take your limit. So. Any wheel column and you listen and and you hear the whole conversation you don't get to say anything to him. Okay. Hey what is your performance been like just give us that characterization that's been just casual dating or have you guys been. Seeing a lot of each other. We even came you know a lot of meat that I am. I'm pretty sure exclude certain. How many days a week. And now. Three you know I don't weekend time. That's not. Or I'm pretty sure it's exclusive. Is it okay how about this hasn't been exclusive is it been exclusive on your end. Any effort into doing anything else. Yeah ha okay you wanted to put effort into doing something else. BK share yours hot and 25 you'd be confidence okay. Yeah you know if we didn't hurt and you you'd like it. And you don't really need an unarmed but maybe something else for that buyers. Well again it's got like a purse. Arming him and begged her to seriously. She's a model of freshen. I'm had to lay around isn't even going and letting it. About it and and I we will call Scott yeah three minutes. You get to listen and it will find out where he things as it is known today to vote and grade is he going to vote and his government it's an advantage. The irony. We'll he's sweet he's on this not not. It's my friends and show.