Where Is This Relationship Going: Kurt & Rachel Part 2

Thursday, January 12th


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If your drive and knows drown out traffic and national all did your boss. Join us for themselves in a row every why you are today one story now before one. Where is this relationship going with Kurt and Rachel ray and we are gonna call Rachel here because curt wants us to ask question where's this relationship going. What prompted him to call us is that. He felt like she gave a really crappy Christmas give us. And she typically such a good thoughtful guess givers so he was surprised and he thinks that there's more meaning to her. Less than thoughtful gifts. Your reading into it I'm an a level. That a girl would normally read into it at bats. He with a guy except current here's the deal she set the standard. Over the past few Christmas. And she because she did that that's why a year you're troubled man this is that accurate. You you're a so let's. Rabbit. Let's put you on hold and grab her remember here we're gonna call her and yoga to listen and and welcome back to you rate afterwards and he your thoughts and a risk. You know some call. Oh yeah. On behalf of. I don't mean police beat Andre tell. They Rachel this is and and to ask from cern and file one or you. It learned Mario. Or we are playing as part of the segment that we do on the media. This segment is called where is this relationship going. And as everybody you know in their relationships wants to ask that question here and there. That sometimes is too nervous to distance so we are calling view this morning on behalf of her. And we knew where wine to ask you where is his relationship you know has been tennis for awhile now and is kind of a check and how things spelling. Well into the honestly I am not need to ensure that card my old navy. No really because. I from our relations at I got about a month ago and it's a country band and on number and then. You know. I don't know why they get other people and I think he has to you know like dated other I know. So really you know if you guys are filling out a new relationship status on FaceBook it would be it's complicated. Don't know about it yeah. So do you still care about. I mean of course he you know he is a nice guy and you know. I don't have any ill feeling in art and there's no real good then why IA. We eat kind of put a break I think maybe we weren't asked compatible patterns. We probably learn to begin in you know things are very early on and then relations at and it seems like in our global. Is there any you know. He could do to revive. Well I don't know it just seemed light. You know it would seem like her with a credit check out you know it has lady had to take a break getting. I don't know what is really the motivation behind Matt I don't know actually eat now. So overwhelmed the event a relationship that you know maybe we looked worried it was getting to the areas that you didn't want that and the commitments. I know early supporter is now and at the time when he kind of wanted to take a break I was kind of on McKinley itself. They're pretty amicable. And for the holidays you guys exchanged gifts. And viewers who are a day of yours were fairly basic historically. But his is pretty elaborate he said did you. Except that if from him and it without reservation or did you say no this is too much lower. Oh I didn't know there was really no reservation and I mean you know it again last. You know people can't again what baby seal. In their heart to get by saying now people get kind of caught up in what they get the money for the holiday isn't. I don't know I guess I was just kind of in a late start blue where. I just didn't really really think he's hard on it they really didn't even that much so. So it again exchange slipped and by the Iowa Bachmann. We've seen it yet as far as I would it be to appoint. In fact. Iowa thank you for your honesty. Well okay. Well okay. I'm you know ruling at a and that. It's the rhetoric to thank you thank I'll tell you what I do on scene here. We are gonna come back and three minutes and we'll check in width Kurtz. Who's listening the whole conversation. And get his thoughts I'm the status of their relationship slash. Ugly. Well the three minutes from right now the average interest for one. Peachtree City and all over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. To just enjoy and Shia on snow or no need for a long line.