Where Is This Relationship Going: Kurt & Rachel Part 1

Thursday, January 12th


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Errors this relationship growing. Where is this relationship going as the name of the segment where week. Beat Jeffords and show as a service to the jet engines show listening community ask that difficult question have anyone. You wanna know the answer. Front and we doesn't make it. Awkward in your relationship we hope that it didn't you can just blame us as the bad guys have a crazy radio station I don't know what they're doing and now and the news so get the incidents you want. I think even now when I called and asked for the segment wears his relationship going what they would be doing it and just blame on staff. Eight current welcome to the show. Any editor go to. We are due and excellence. Let's talk abouts. Your relationship with Rachel I believe rename. Yet Churchill but OK okay. Army yes so. I mean I've been a little bit worried. About LA aliens. And the reason why it is completely other like warriors. And and every year like Toledo and would the secret visit together now and every year her gives are so incredibly thoughtful. Say put to shame usually. I think like last year that got him out lunch for myself. And she went out like I mean like a really nice like expensive and the orange it was perfect. The year before that. Are a guy like guy I would be complaining to her right now it would kind of subtly. Like I feel like address like a proper work like about prepared for writing job at the time. And you went out and got me like a card for like three custom shirts to be like tailored for me. Gasoline to really get a sort of expensive quite well you'd care to do that certain. Role this year it was clay either marital crystal together. And it was just Greg chin area which got me like a couple of speak send like one of those on the he knows. Grill thing and I don't grill or even care that much for state really. Know like a weird. Bottle of white grows colonial. Like you'd like Randle picked out of this man catalog. Which you found in the car and they intercept him. So. This year. Huge mess speaking a minute Blake. They put a hole ardidi. Right from. So I'm just worried like oh issued late. Evening out at its relationship now. You can barely. Soon right does anything else what do you that feel any other indication. I mean. Hi hello I feel like things are pretty cool like this year was a little different formats we've taken incredible break earlier in the year but I thought things were cool. And come what did you give her and did you get her gifts before she gave you gifts. You know world this year I got her leg but one of those and you shall watch as I get all the rage in she was talking about it as a good night watched. And so did occur question. I was just wondering are they did the second part of the question doesn't matter. I guess it says did you exchange gifts at the same time. Out. I am just wondering if maybe she was getting a vibe from you that she went low the right in the pain yeah. Now. I just drawn there and I mean there's no bad idea the Vermont. There does not mean that Sarah gets a bad but I mean that's equally is concerning why would you saying. That we were really caring about it you know you have that amount they. Bryant. So we eight machine no you weren't disappointed. As our. Is this and certainly we should bring we tapped her. I mean she couldn't again like it if she had given. Her history with yeah I give credit crappy gifts cadaver Ukraine in order to get carriers. Leg and I wouldn't stay so much. I mean I know that she knows hearted like let's they have been light and Bengie get into it. And this was clearly has yet she wouldn't. It now like she was excited arena opened indeed it was an early age Christmas. Ten. I while Obama the way it works is will pick up the phone and call her do you get to listening to the conversation we're having with apparently you don't get to interact and then when we come. I'm back four of the last segment the final segment of this. Episode of ways as they are going will get your import your thoughts line which he said. Though a list of Europe for is give us three minutes to get a hold of her major sugar mama this and will do that and then come back. And talked he has sent a I'm well thanks you care. Where is this relationship going continues with Kurtz. Asking Rachel in three minutes now on the Japanese and show starring before one. Star in 941.