Where is this Relationship Going: Kelly and Troy Together for a Month

Thursday, June 23rd


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Thank you for making this switch and a Japanese yen shall always thought people want. Then name of this segment is where is this relationship going and that's what we have people join asked me wanna know the status of the relationship there and usually it's women and this week is no exception saying hello to Cali. Writes you wanna ask the awkward question in your relationship that you're afraid asking yourself so we're gonna do it Florio. So let's. I can't catch a church and you try and we met like three months ago in the eating a month now and we're exclusive. We're both Christians. Want to have a family. Aid. I guess my question is what his timeline is and I'm like I don't accept it. Well make it basically me. He's 24. So I can find elsewhere on the same time line. Whoa one month then you Sherri wanted us. Yeah I mean they don't have the same guy even and so it's yeah I Elena. A I just feel like pencils and have to use them month. One month. And widen that there. You know temperature it's. But basically since the end of may you guys did indeed he's already said he exclusively dating you guys have had that conversation. Yeah. So. It seems like it's going really get direction. And I mean there's not much. Has won. Well. It or get married have kids accountable make it by 28 then. Merit that happened within the next year I think it was a time together and they. Well. Now have you had this conversation we have him. No I mean he can be married and you have kids. We haven't talked about it between. It's so sounds like you've just got this time line that you're feeding him and see rather than it being him that is. That many of your dreams and Emanuel spent your life with your potential husband and other children all those wonderful things. To me it sounds like if we ask him this question for you he's gonna be like oh well it wouldn't matter who it is it's just fill in person here and Kelly's time line. And I never. You know we we can't from the same background it certainly there's a lot of other questions. And I believe in and say. IE. Today you know. Yeah I he did all right now. He. I would hope not this isn't really. This isn't really something where you have multiple people to pick from which an amenity radius anyways. Yeah. I get my point I really care about it he's not. I what what we do is we'll call him you listen and walk column next you listen to that conversation we'll ask him the question. Where. After thirty days of being exclusive. Is this relationship going and man. How every answer I mean we have no control of answers party and trying. All right do you want us to get super specific Wear them like. Where's this relationship going housing do you want games when he got to pop the question energy just wanna see what is. She wants to again are you comfortable. I don't make college you know. I I hang on the line we're gonna call him in three minutes review listening in okay. Perfect Alley. We're calling Troy next to ask him where is this their day they can go. You. Thank you for making this list. Today Japanese yen Shia on starring Eddie pour water.