Where is This Relationship Going: Katie is Not Happy

Thursday, June 30th


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Fringe and shell. And we just talked to Michael we called him and asked where this relationship going on behalf of eighty releases out. They're talking about moving together and there's a little bit of her. He currently lives in his ex wife's house. Eight divorce. Hey Katie. You heard all of that from my. I didn't hear out. Have a couple issues. Her. They did excellent on that. It's. Yeah act and he told me that they have no contact and then he hasn't seen her in years so I'm perplexed as. Woman he hasn't he said she'll stop at a house maybe ranges not to be yeah that's fair. It is possible it's possible but it is not that she. Keeps it grows out of us. I don't know why he would be so quick to talk about these things on the radio and never. The fact that Whitney. Her. I really wouldn't have cared if they were so friendly. Obviously be quicker if it she owns that house. I mean maybe it's just he emea. But still that. Right I mean I thought that's something worthy of disclosure. Bring. Well we need to think about it if you wanted to be with her humanity and it wouldn't be divorce so. If there is some business dealings because of the house its financial situation whatever else he might just be a bleeding. The conflict causing your relationship and should he have told you. Yes and this year but I don't think there's anything sneaky about it I think he just leaving out. That rate there is a pretty significant omission. Like it is and by omission but it's not lying. Pray I don't know I mean I'm proud of history now but I got an app you. Talking about her and. Think yeah. Asking us with him for and thing. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. Very bright red lie right. You lie he just didn't she. Asked. Katie did you ever ask him point blank did you ever say. Or did he ever say the sentence IA. Never communicate it my ex wife. He and they happen. We are thinking now and I'll actually. Yes at the line. Like like if and if your husband if you say hey you talked in any other girls in the news I didn't oh. Shipments of chat news. Attack where he's not talking. Air filter on its winter. I Katie well I understand you're saying it. And that's. We Aries this relationship. When it. Like trustees successfully. In your relationship we all of the she and Jesse email this time it's our time parliament in dot com. Star in 941.