Where is This Relationship Going: Katie and Michael

Thursday, June 30th


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Star in 941. An aim of this segment is where is this relationship going and it's exactly what it sounds like. We ask that question. Anybody you want hands eighty. Is ministry now to ask us to make a phone call to Michael. Hey Casey tell us about your relationship with Michael how long have you guys been together. Your video we've been there a year. Would be if they had love you an out and and and up. He can't get money brings up the idea. Yet. And it can happen that might mean that day in and so I've been kind of bringing up while. I haven't bring. He may suggest or change the subject he really made it. And then all of my. He. Did. So. I've eaten. He's not like open and pocket. So I. Alan Alan. Writes I don't know what that what. Got to say when he brought it up drunk in many ways it provoked by you or was it something that he said that you know your release was out late. What those circumstances you remember. Luckily it was. The idea that we that I had not exaggerating and. And that's what you want to come out this. Are you just wanna answer. Well I'm. I yeah ideally I would love in the than what and then save money on rent what I also want to know what is going on. There where it is even now in an apartment there. Yeah that. Kind of radio owns that he owns he lives as employees. And about an. Not okay and sell about how many nights a week I didn't sleepovers anyway. All work together that make the week when it basically like living together. Illogical. Okay and then last question do you know how his family feels about living together before marriage. On that question and. Well I I don't but I don't think they would have dropped. We need never bet anything to me like oh my mom weird about that and he's bad big married but myself. A all right. Got it okay will we will definitely call him. And ask the question. Where is this moving together relationship knowing how. Just so we know this when we talk to him how long into your releases. It. A case oh lead with in the month. Okay so this is a decision you have to make it immediately. Because that's a good reason pressed the call because you say he needs to happen now I'm writing. A so Katie you get to hold and we make that phone call him next you've got to listen in on that. While asking the question and a welcome your feedback send and yeah. The call to Michael. Ask him. Where is this movie and relationship going. And haven't three minutes right here in the jet engines start and before. Thanks for being a part of it.