Where is This Relationship Going: Julia Isn't Exclusive

Thursday, July 7th


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One. Shall we just spoke to Jackson who told us he's been about a six month relationship with Julia and he wants us. Asked the question where is this relationship. Going. Jackson near ready to make the call gonna be on hold listening to this event. You god cool all right so we're gonna culturally. About the engine. I only for the girl I'm mixed about I'm excited to see where she thinks they're really sincere stance I'm excited for a quality. Her. I. I. Think that's its engine. And I am. We are honest with you about your relationship with sweet jacks and yeah so the question is is ex boyfriend. And the man who went abrogating. Okay cool and you guys have been dating he told us like often non are not often on that for about six months. Yeah I. But now. Six months solid and he was wondering is if you are ready to be in an exclusive relationship with him. Powell I mean we're not in her relationship. Did pretty like like a lot but you know I'm I don't I don't want her and Mary now you know what you like. See people. Okay so you are dating other people. Yeah. Does yeah I have aegis avoided that conversation with our have you had any around relationships with him. ER. Approximately break and why you know having night. I am here but I won't have to end the lord and pretend married before and and then not eager and the way things secret here at. I've got an apartment yeah oh yeah mutually and that he can scrape by. I'm not won't. I'm not saying right now so that yet they're pregnant it's technically and their way back on yeah. Least he I told us the story of saying I love unity and you please find new ways. All. I don't really quite that. You grow. Yeah I mean and that. At that point and I. Need a week ago. And yet. There. I won't say that I have known relationships the friends of mine where one person got there faster than the other but the other person eventually caught up. Do you see yourself ever catching up to the feelings of Jackson because he obviously is in love with you. And saying that I could it could yeah I don't think the concern here. I think you'd like to. But I definitely not unlike any pressure. If so. Are how many. Can I got the impression that. You guys that are hard he's that you're. Eating. So how. How Loughner you've seen him. Figured. Well we. And how many Gary. Are there other guys that you see as much as you see him. Oh yeah. Now. Had been by it I. Am currently. And and that not. Yummy like an opera copiers and and it tank electric opulent the weekend. Yes I mean I don't think he died. And again not. You know and tried that kind of who aren't my lacked a delight and and be a fun. Is there a front runner. Of the army will. It shortly. But and I am note here for that matter it. I. But he's got all the qualities of so maybe it's yourself with you're just not area economy and that it yeah. Salvage some okay. He wanted to ask the question is is it going and just he needs. I don't need to skinny accurately relate to animate major mine turned out there Pratt yeah I wouldn't call us Janice trying to make. Womb. Will happen. Why can't order parents. Don't have forced that I'm just trying to be scooby. Well being you appreciate that I didn't realize that the athenaeum. Well that they would I thank you Juliet in Ireland as they do it I. We are back in three minutes we will talk to. Jackson and find out. How he feels about Juli is assessment of their relationship three minutes from right now on the Jeb and changes start ready for one. One. Appreciate shall.