Where is This Relationship Going? With Jonathan and Caden: Part 3

Thursday, March 16th

Jonathan has asked Caden to marry him twice now...should he go for a third?


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She I'll star. Jonathan calls us up and he wants to be a part of where is this relationship go. So we just thought Kate and and aster that slightly uncomfortable question especially since they have lived together for five years. And how they've been dating for five years and I moved in together a year ago here in the year ago sorry you're right they live together now they've been together five years its proposed twice now in Houston now. Even have a dog together. And she's just not ready yet to get me hey Jonathan welcome back. Eight take it there and how are dealing is the real question. Omare I'm okay. You know. I just am happy that yeah I I want to make her happy says the bullet. Look I'm not I'm not too surprised to be honest did you guys com. We didn't really unearth anything new at all. Yeah now and are really. And it and it and this is kind of where you're expected. Impartial. Hoping for something different a come play he's kind of reinforced the idea that you are very displaying you know yeah. It's a little disappointing but I. Like that says a lover and I wanna make her happy and I think that. If we continue to have a good relationship while we're living together I mean from what it sounded like it it didn't sound like an overall negative. You know sample I think in the end. I don't know I hope that she'd be open to marriage it's certainly done like back in the beginning at the deck to achieve that now. I. Quote good good luck with a minute. Offense well. Yeah they vary immediately. Oh long long time before you pop that question again it's only all right we're gonna Reagan and thank you haven't given Jan it's only remarkable here because of that what do you make the pace for. Mean I don't know like how long is gonna make them but have a decision to buy a house fire but as kids read it first it now. We all know situations. Where big. Girl wants to get married via she wants the rain they've talked about it. And the guys like and has got to get myself together I just did this I just get that. In eventually and then like. If this situation reversed if we reverse the genders it's not that big media. Well would you tell. Him. That she's not that into. Because if it were reverse and now our guy stalling and saying I'm not ready yet. We produce say now he's just conveniently gonna live with you why buy the cow if you you know battle thing. Bright review mildew and every one breath he he he. I just wonder if it's the same situation in her first. She may never. And shall star.