Where is This Relationship Going? With Jonathan and Caden: Part 2

Thursday, March 16th

Jonathan has asked Caden to marry him twice now...should he go for a third?


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shelf all the where is this relationship going at that awkward question we're asking it today for John and to his girlfriend of five years cage again. They live together. Once she's at now is too young in our relationship and the second time she said can you just hold on for thirty days. So he's just in his marriage in the cards for them are not that they live together is is relationships got a dog together. He wants us to bring up the conversations of it he can bring up the conversation yet again now. With that thirty days saying he didn't know it was going to be thirty days she just kept them strong out for now. Yeah she's I mean think about it and it took a month for her to the side was that honestly John and and the longest. Month of your life. He's really a lot could get most of my electric. I've we're gonna have died dial. Arcade now. And we'll ask her the question while while you listen and then we come back to you afterwards and I will get your thoughts on it okay. OK great so it'll be here I've January adding that he lets Caucasian I'm putting Jonathan on holds. And the. And I. Have precipitated and. It C hey Kate and this is Stan from the Jeff intentional highs aren't you. Did you feel good thanks for joining us today on the show Jeff is here to. Colonel. So we have a segment on our show called where is this relationship now weighing. Where we toxic couples about their relationship so obviously we're calling you today all about Jonathan. Absolutely. Adores you and loves you very much hand. Feels like everything is going so great in your relationship. He wants me to ask you that question where is this relationship going because of the sue proposals. Where he didn't get the answer he was hoping for more. Eight. So we're asking you. Made and where does this relationship going for you DC a future with Mary that's. Yeah yeah. I do. Just not right now. Okay. So after five years what do you. The what do you feel like you might be waiting for. Mean I feel like they're really have to eat and everything it could rain now oh well I just feel like why. You know why met with that YA but the thing pressure on. Plan on staying in China which are our lives and I mean cute like I'm just I just like do you take in low and like. Be very sure before I make decisions. It they they can take a long time to truly know someone and even though I feel like I know him yeah. I might not an announcer call I just like to be careful I just kind of person and I can't. And I mean I'm told and then. He tore. But it's not that I am not happy in that I don't want things their continued at that. I am not there yet. So that. Institution of marriage itself how do you feel about that. I mixed feeling. I it just seems oh yeah I just feel like people rush in to and you have to be Caracol. So I don't want to around Russia into that I don't wanna make a mistake that kind of room in both our lives. I want to make shirt and the right decision and really knows that with certainty. How much time do you think it would take for you. To know that with certainty. We only just have been together last summer to have that we haven't you lived together a year. And I feel aching need to live with someone along time before you can be totally 100%. Sure that your good. Match. And accents. But you didn't pain you did date for like three and a half or four years. Before you moved in again. Great. I mean. Will we wanted to be sure that we wanted to live together. While you are like a dude. Kate and I think you'd do in the relationship because Papa. I mean I do take a long time says it can really commit to saying. In general Bo yeah he might say that. So like when you're deciding to go out to eat. Over eight and somebody lines of Mexican and and somebody else wants to she how long does it take you guys they both scenario out I don't know in you're gonna go out there and. I may be like ten minutes. I'm getting this thing. Major major life decisions are our big deals for you. As their big deal I just say he had seen people make mistakes and regret them and I don't want to. I don't wanna come back and my lights. And I don't tell our yeah room. Yeah Kate and one question for you because Jonathan was telling us when he proposed that he's proposed twice. And he's used the same ring. Does the ring haven't needing to do with your answer. Holes now well it's not about that tax. Check pilot him he's wonderful. I mean the first time and I just felt. Wage is then like we did in England together and then the same street at bank panel. Okay. OK well thank you for taken our Colin talk with us. Yeah of course and he is feeling good about proposed to me. I'm a dozen. A dozen that now have a path a term lose. OK I thank UK and saying in a bank have a guy OK and I. I we come back in three minutes Ellis not John I I think that's gonna down. The ease visa is an act and does he take a long time imaging business is it that. I welcome back in three minutes pick up around and and talk to John F and we actually play like six songs here and Billy hey we'll come back in thirty minutes. Is John haven't used him as king. And if yeah will be right back three and adds doctor Jonathan and wrap up this week's episode of where's this relationship going and the jet engine. Star in 941.