Where is This Relationship Going? With Jonathan and Caden: Part 1

Thursday, March 16th

Jonathan has asked Caden to marry him twice now...should he go for a third?


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Star in 941. Whereas this relationship you can always. Chains say hello to John I think and who would like to participate. And where is this relationship going today. Hey Harry good. Doing good doing good little little stressed out I guess. Yeah how well thank you for coming to us and money NASA concern ourselves into your relationship and I've been. The head. But no broke my appreciate that help. Hopefully we can help or at least get some sort of a conversation going. Leader who we talk that they want a relationship. Oh my girlfriend Kate and gap from we'd been together serve about five years now we moved in together. Last summer note a little we've been given you that like a little let the hair from Brooklyn here I mean I'd obviously a lover Oprah wouldn't be calling. On a proposed to hurt her right now the first time donor. Our second year anniversary. I wrote down a little soon and then she she reacted. Not as such reached immediately she said no you know it's too soon. And so I needed another year before the poster again. And then I'm sheet cook. About thirty gates. The answer mutual is a Vietnam and go to a stressful thirty days to do a lot of push up. And she moved she still says no bomb and now that the point where Taloqan on running joke broadest casually. You know actors you want to get married until they know and palate a funny you know fly anyway so I don't know I mean I don't want it to become a joke to Wear a mask incurred you know. Jerry we only get married in the future it. She didn't say no word yet I did I wanna know we're going in the long run you know that I that's. That's figured it would be a fun way to do it is he has some work on cut all so that I need you could tell that he should be. Interest in getting married in the future you know we're just. And I haven't font. Now I am kind of in shock here. It you have proposed twice now have the proposal has been with three. Oh. Was it the same ring both times. Yeah it was. It's a mom so my my mom bigger. Her at deter grandma's ring Vermont ranked OK she gave it to me that kind of a special warrant. I'd sell asked her two years. And your two year anniversary. You promotion to me like how immediate was the now. It was pretty quick it was straight shoes I can tell the rotation totally surprised and gone out I don't think you're expecting me adaptor. They're. Okay and then the second time you waited a year and she said at that time she's like we're too young it's too soon. Yeah. Kind. She did she felt like our relationship was cute she didn't meant she wouldn't say that we were too young she is I think she would mortars and our relationship with two young. Can I ask how do you both car. Yeah I'm 28 and she's 26. I'd see OK and so the second time you asked her if she would marry you and she said. Gimme a month or are I need to think about it or how did that go. It's senior day I didn't think about it and it. The whole month. Further tell me now potentially and it wasn't sometimes we broached the subject we talk about it over dinner casually which you do you know. I don't wanna push it. You know I'm Robert LII just wanna make her happy either way and I did want her to kind of tell me honestly what you want and I didn't wanna write. Pressure to do it in the dumping as he would need you know wanna do in the long run itself. You know I would actually bring it up with urge you to. Due to the conversational way and then eventually it in the much used public know. How do you put a proposal on hold for thirty days right that's as I'm never heard of them before. Where you heart. Yeah. I mean yes and no homes yet can she didn't. CS immediately and no because I mean shoot contemplating that I mean she added at least seven per watt that they yet you know maybe that. Resistant part you know week it stayed together through that I'm trying to get you know I wanna know it's on foreign that it even a possibility that marriage is really important to me. So what's the status of your relationship right now you guys live together. Yeah we lived together and we have a great relationship you know I and that everything off of I really don't know why you don't wanna take that next step forward I mean. We got a cute little dog you know rarely do we go to. It's a very nice little family a lot of. So maybe she just like that the way that is she's scared of marriage. Yeah. And that that the possibility to have. Did you live together their first or second time you asked. Let me know we moved in together clothes that that a kind and she kind of like her give into it. DC marriage baggage from her. At you know I don't know I mean I know her parents are together. I don't I don't know how old I eat they are. And their own relationship to really toddler parent the whole bunch so. I don't know what that order. Reluctant. From my standpoint you know marriages. So we can adopt them my parents are you know an awesome relationship in the in my brother's over the kind of relied on them is rock. And it sounds like she doesn't have a super close relationship with. Her family like you have ignores. No definitely not I typed in my. I cut my parent delete. You know a few times a week and he's not which hurts like many want tomorrow. OK so maybe that's an increase is the whole idea of marriage. Instead of it being you have you guys ever had that conversation. Not really on to be honest with you. Eight every time I kind of bring up the subject of marriage get frustrated about it in and shut down armed. So and and again I mean I don't wanna fresh straighter especially when it comes scores to marriage so I did I I just what is your thought in my relationship bitten and it should. You know but the content to validate everyone you know it's like 50% of people think that merited on a good idea and 50% think they're great idea. Okay. So that the way this works is we will call her and ask answer the question awkward question where's this relationship going. And see where she will tell us. Maybe. It will give you some insight and said we're Henis. All I think her name is Kadant correct. You got it I will come back in three minutes call eight me and ask her that important question. And as I always say by we I mean Jan. I get any other currencies in three minutes from right now we made the call on the different and ships parity for one. She I'll still are.