Where is This Relationship Going: Jenna and Grant Part 3

Thursday, February 23rd

Talk about being on two totally different pages...


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She I'll star. Man I attempt to recap where is this related to going to this ends you can Jenna causes that she sounds like a lovely girl. And she has been dating grant for four months and we call him up. While she listens in to find out the status of the relationship. Is there and addicts may have Nat had the exclusive off just yet. And is so we ask him where's this relationship going and he very. Kind of brutally honest the house as they he has fun with Jenna. But there's no long term potential. And if she wants. Hang out with them choate you know keep hanging out with the Arabic there's no longer than that. But the fit is he said he's an honest with her the whole time and told her that. You spent this way and so many. If you're totally upfront and honest with somebody and they hang on and it's back on a Janet welcome to the shallow. All so it was about a surprise to you what he sent. Actually but I do you yeah you never act like. No long term potential nightmare and they are worried different that you bring it by ear. And and he hasn't actually eat it hasn't light meaning you ain't he hadn't been back at ending. I think I have a little and. You know what there really going in on land that I can't eat diet. You know I don't. Yell and kind of late father and I don't wanna you know like. Right thank you. Thank you. Like I and I know I'm and a little girl and that they. Mean Olympic I think you could make it animal hadn't seen and all hang out all the time we have and I. And I don't even know what he could mean like that country apart. What we Ari do and we are happening they are. So I. I entangled in ruled. Concerning so I do you dump him like is this the end but he has basically said. Yeah relationships over. You know Asia as our potential so the long term party relationship is over city dump them. And here and a local human when you don't anger. You know or maybe at one point will be on your own age I don't think I. I am I I'd say use your dog he stands synergy thing. Are you being protective and Brad and what's your dogs I don't. Name name already. Our own words I'm Lou. A. I knew I. I did I I don't think that they mean it. You hang on and bang and then hope that we need. One day it'll turn into that they know. A bad light. I think your head and yeah and keep it clean and fail Richard dumping him. I think it. And I like he got back. Yeah I. I'm not an independent and I. I'm Daryl K I'm not angry at me and we keep feeling like a little bit angry at him in any oral and really. That's how it. He's you'd have passed over to angry stage and calls she's now. An all we are allowed. He and I managed just as the Elizabeth had asked. There over margaritas there girlfriend I'd be Matt thank you Jana. Lol yeah I think kids I think everybody would agree that bit she need it now and you gonna tell her your favorite three words. Keep moving forward. I figured out about let's get deserts. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.