Where is This Relationship Going: Jenna and Grant Part 2

Thursday, February 23rd

Talk about being on two totally different pages...


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It's our. Gen now and grants not to be confused we've. Jen and grant because they're completely different people yes we are going to ask glory it's where is this relationship going on behalf of ten not. And Janning grant have been dating for four months she is completely certain date he has. Irony he is exclusive now dating anyone else and she is exclusive with him. But they just haven't had that conversation they just haven't had talked about who. They are to each other where different girl Fran tying my girlfriend boyfriend. And that's where winners this relationship go incomes and need to get those titles straightened up or just can inject ourselves. Right that is perfectly good relations at I Jenny rated B that is. Say. What the conversations like with the couple's. Home after. You guys don't live together and I. We shall see him soon and details. By. Oh. There could grant a grant this is Jenn hobby from the jet engine jokes and good yelling you lie and do I think to take our call today I'm here just here to what have I GAAP. I had that in a minute you're attribute. So grant. We do a segment on our show called where is this relationship going and you are on the receiving end of this phone call to name my friends well. So who I'll be very we are kind of may have gen. Says she said already and you guys have been generally ask them and she wants to ask you this question herself which she's been too nervous to do it this is like. Have. A car. And while you are. So she wants to know basically are you guys exclusive are not because she feels like you did anyone else and she did mouth but. You haven't had that talk about like hey this is us and you're my girlfriend and your my boyfriend. So she's just one little bridge that to happen. I'm awkwardly doing it right now typical. I remember. How many yep yeah backpack. Yeah they're gonna help out there for love grant and well. English I don't know that we can then great then she should. She. Great. Liberal route altogether and down. I just largest wholesale long term. And also the long term thing with perk right now so we're. All day. Album download and try and you just shouldn't have had long term energy from me. And if she's great and rare talent and it's awesome but if you I don't know Richard weir thank you to or maybe maybe you're like. Chemistry that you that you didn't really want and what shouldn't now. Like we charge if you will you know like throwing when you're with somebody like rat. You can let. Motion that is part of what do them all on a new level no lugged a bit of a white or a lot will definitely. I don't. You know. You're not allowed to sit here. So in four months you haven't discovered that chemistry then why keep dating. She's coalition did great caution on a little bit on lap and I'll let. I could have. Obama. Sound rude American of the same kind of we'll a diaper you know other than others but yeah I mean girl. Now we have fun and injuring lap and that great tribute look at you know that cannot treatment and I don't know why. And there's nothing is it something they came up here in the near future or are. I don't hurt them for a moment and have a really. You know. To me is now she's going down one path and you're going down a completely different path we are you picking up that she's really into this relations. Yeah yeah we had that discussion and I would be completely not what are the results were there to Eleanor our deal and I'll stop but I'm. Purposely. Pushing her away your arms like a I don't know option she heard me out over there and if you. She sort of brought to you and number were all armed and now we're orbit just don't see it happening all. So you have had this conversation about. Chemistry and long term and all that stuff. Yeah and non OPEC would cut over you know and trying to you know she and I can root proportionate one route. Give it to the next level that thing and come back and I'll overlook that I'm not ready that I'm not ready yet I'm not bear. If the result of this conversation that you and general having rate now. Is. Jen now. Ending the relationship are you okay that. I don't look at our our little prayer for her if she did that I mean. Ackerman and that she'd want to. It you want to go in Russian what someone you don't do. You know maybe. Q what happens long term than you guys are not there are virtually nor should the current law girl. Gone some way. Item and a follow up question if she doesn't. Wanna and things review but you know that there is no long term whatever right. Will you stay in a way we use stay in the relationship with her rate now until something better comes along. Well I. In the early into not that now for the reboot something better on the wall a little box or. That would come. Did go to the spot so why why. I mean they understand recovered from Sowers. Wired like throw that away we're going to be trouble you know it is being the main objective and good friends. Mean come round. About a dozen and that way. Now what are some. Relationships. Where it. Hasn't been at the same pace for each person champion aren't talking about I totally get that lake I have friends that are married now where she was more into it than him at the beginning or vice Versa. He was more into it and she was and they eventually caught up and got on the same page. So grant do you feel like percentage of you feels like you could maybe catch up and be on the same page as an 8% of. Good question only had to pay. I didn't look forward and a girl and a trial like. Let the relationship go to the next hole and and that the net so who wanted to get here. And I regretted it in our data while on you know like I don't really wanna deal in which Russia didn't like in but I am kind of stopped an election. And I did a while. And it is a little like. By the won't do it again that are here not to look at some of American had just learned you all are all economic and undeclared our world will little. You gotta learn from your mistakes for sure. Yeah yeah kind of and I cannot be out of the potential that we have a McCain I'm not about looking close up in. You know really work out. The ball great you can start to pick up somehow great but I don't see it happening. Why Philly as honest as you've been with us. And it you are with her too because your comfortable talking about the relationship in your feelings about it so. I appreciate that and I appreciate you being so open when asked. Yeah I mean how are you should great girl a written you know. Crap on you that sort of model you know. The U. I thank you grant. Your total thanks to take care what you think yet you didn't care or are you okay. If you spent honest with her whole time I amen. What's the problem. I don't think you should necessarily stay in the relationship if she didn't know the truth I don't gonna go back to her parents say how much of his did you know or not now. Night in three minutes we will pick up Jana who got to listen to that whole conversation. And then I think we'll have a group discussion I'm a student about this I Janet joins us to close out. There's this relationship going and woke outsource with a yes. And if you wanna get on this 4042630941. Son when you get to work and get and so consider grow up. On starring these horrible line.