Where is This Relationship Going: Jenna and Grant Part 1

Thursday, February 23rd

Talk about being on two totally different pages...


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Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to. Miller loses this relationship you can always. Her lovely man grants for four beautiful months it's an angry and it's just like us to Ukraine I Cano. And that. Poll classic. I am hey OK after it flooded LA. They all. Along that's who we are here for weird that helpers of love. You don't you know that means I don't either but I'm glad you came up with lawful. And entered average and to continue the. RE tenants also going on. I know you'd think grant had campaigned there are mine and I'm. We eat or drink. I'm like why they're back. Are let anybody help they now believe haven't actually ad hoc. Blake I mean it like I read think and didn't count and I don't know really know. Barely know and I. Okay and why are you avoiding the conversation I feel like after four months that could be sending you could have. It made me kind of nervous and I really like and I'll let the barrel. Roll. Out there now I had a great night yeah I get. OK so part of view things that he is definitely not as and this is you. I don't know that guy and I. Eat out and at all anybody else and my neck and not let them parcel. Just curious if you guys have been a situation where he has introduced you to some. Like this is Laura day. For and it can and it's my old friend Janet I I once was real awkward about it exclusive conversation. But it only came to when he was introducing me to one of his coworkers right that I knew I was his girlfriend. But we have never had a conversation but he says it is my girlfriend and OK against her girl and different. And and there's a lot before you answer that Jana I did not realize. How much weight there was in those words and tell Cali who's now my wife. Actually pulled me aside at one point and say you've got to stop in treaties to meet your friends. Because I. Yet it actually entered into that went right at it and in that. And he does. Didn't they when they get a little bit tight end and a. I. For title of sums Diana you all ball how bad that might be good though because with Kelly. She would rather have been just Alley. Then it would be my friends in town because there. Clearly did not make and I don't matter cop link up and the like. Even units at Burma. Right at guys not are so. When we call them an app can mean it is my immediate straight to the point. All. Exclusive or in your girlfriend. Are maybe oust family met each other. No and act and eat our brand and let me permanently cannons and. OK. Okay and you're a 100000%. Sure. If he's not dating someone. I pay back from what I. I mean and like I eat not looking at war. Easy enough Catan trying no problem it just seems to have crossed the average across the boyfriend girlfriend breads. It and much like the Indian chief who had startle you during the Oregon trail that help you get across that river. Or Campbell's can economy. Only viewed today show trade you a few buffalo felt. That. For our our call for help gay hairdresser I write English economist Helio I think. I welcome back in three minutes and we'll make that phone call to grant on behalf of Jenna that's made them very clear. Our listener Jana and her boyfriend ran so weird because my husband's name is grant pats are saying this is so weird. And you better not but. Via form. I though OK we'll make Davis made a phone call three minutes from right now on the champions and show star and 41. Star in 941.