Where is This Relationship Going: Jeff and Jenn Talk to Scott

Thursday, July 21st


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Or one. Did you doesn't change golf. We're about to find out where is this relationship going from misty she and Scott had been dating for about four months but she's got to move to a brand new job in two months from now Greenville. Should be two hours away she wants to know. Where is this relationship. And she's would be in single once she makes commitment she's kind of OK with Spain and the relationships so we're gonna ask Scott where he thinks it's got. So he's read the thing is she his album. Which. Had ever he goes out. And arrest warrant. Irate message you I hang and and we will make the phone call and you just need to listen and a gang. Finding out where is this relationship going the phone call this guy. Right now. There. It's got its gen from the jet engine shafts element. Thanks for coming on with we just been talking with misty about your relationship for the last four months and she thinks her real cool guy to date. And there. And I'm guessing things you're feeling mutually. About the same way she and it's happening to time. Cool cool a well we did segment passion called where is this relationship. Now. Miss. One it just adds yeah that question. Because of the move that is on the horizon for her she's in it had to Greenville for a new job and compliments and I'm wearing. Where you're standing on the relationship. Yeah our own beautifully. You know I think. We have to actually formed something special and I think it's distributed means there. You know parliament. Or what were needed to do it and I think it's worse now. Darn that extra mile you know maybe it's going to be. Back to meet its short right circuit but I think it can be worked so you know. So spend like one weekend in Atlanta now one weekend there kind of go back and forth and just during the week he. Yet Clinton that the world is not what we need to get a job in Atlanta birds in Greenville. Celso. Whatever that torch now. Have you talked to her about. The possibility that you get a job in Greenville there had any conversations like that we either. 82 weeks so actually I think I am I and so cut posture and a reminder now. I definitely due to relation to what he should which uses very cool one night in and at a late you know yeah. Okay what have you guys had any conversations about how you feel about each other he told her. Com. A little bit but I don't. Believe that you'd you'd elaborate necessary yet. They. I mean four months you're talking about late getting jobs and other cities and moving in Napoli form alliances. Miss it yeah it's not really a lot of time do you really know somebody after four months and after that population moved. I'm. You know I think it that's very true but I think that's her. You look for I think you actually have had that kind of formed from the special and further. It goes forward ship you know. There aren't any rules in locked to. His benefit that. I think it's I think he answered the question then we'd know where you stand in it and I'm sure you've missed years and have a lot more conversation later on to say. Or awesome thanks for coming on this that we appreciate it expected to everything and yeah they aren't Anke okay. Able misty was listening and we're gonna come back to her in thirds three minutes and get her reaction this. Black and gives her a ball. Yeah he's gonna do is stroke you him you know that he's got beat she. Now will. Find out what misty being back conversation. When we talk to her in three minutes right here in the jet engine test our nanny for a one shot. He's sweet he's on this dodging a such as yourself.