Where is This Relationship Going: Jeff and Jenn Talk to Michael

Thursday, June 30th


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As for making this wedge to the Japanese show shall start me Aurora. We just spoke to Katie about her relationship with Michael given the other about a year they drop the help bombs and she wants to do together. Her release is about to be up. And she's ready to move ends we're gonna please call Michael and find out where is this relationship going. Now I would just clarify a real quake Haiti before we make the phone call you said he got mad EU. The last time you brought this on a scale of one to ten like common. That was you know it or was angry that's my question. Hewitt he would anger and I don't see. Ha okay. It would I will put you on hold and you can listen and a. Her. This is Jack and Jeff from the jet intention Harry you. Doing great thanks for greens come on that's when attacked you and sweet girl frank KD. She I assisting give you call we do a segment on the ship a winners this relationship going and she's anxious to move in together. And so. She wanted to know. Where you are. Well. I am. I am. You know probe an interpreter. You heard it yet mighty. Situation together before we make it move. It could have a lot you know a lot of strain on different things. So what do you mean get your situation together what does that mean do you mind towns. You know elect. You know it's yet. And so that together if the money together nature you know. That place is ready for Richard you know just my personal as ready and gave him. You know it's a lot of movement somewhat and he's got to make sure I'll hear. Well all year you know eight Concord. I as we understand it. Used Cady as a les that is expiring within the mine and you have. I'd housing but like you don't have at least worry about yet a town home says oh yeah. So I'm just curious yeah. Is your opposition to her moving into that town you wanna get a different place to get. Well. Okay it will hurt OK well first of the count. I'm actually breaking. From my ex wife which is actually very helpful. In a moment. It's actually very affordable. And she could be secret government so that. So that's. So I'm I'm in Turkey and I want him there and start it and say liquor but. You know I certainly don't want my ex wife. You know them at my new girlfriend moved in three Euro that situation in the it'll carry. What's the objection to having your ex wife find out that. Yeah outings when he moved in Libya. Well. You know which I want her to stop. Sheet yet come by law which it from buy. If you don't replace. Get your mayor you know so I don't think they HTTP. Happy to note that out there. With another woman. And ID. Just don't want those two wires across. Back in terms of explosion. So. Order but she's. So you guys got a divorce is this the house that you lived in together. Or or or Mary. God says you got divorce she moved out she's not can take to keep. Them accents are. So if you and Katie were able to come up with the funds quickly can she sent her. Next leases coming up at the fifteenth right so if you guys could pull it together really quickly get in new placement to be up for that. IKEA and in my finances yes let's. Move toward our ballots are currently. And that the situation right now a black sites placed is that it cheap you'd Olympic break. And its parent and exit so IE. I need to finder recently cracked plate insert media and she's eager. OK so let's just say I agree she can't deal month to month at her place how many months would dictate. You guys to have your place. Our. It. Or are. I think is really answer she's looking for because. She feels like you guys are together you know. Five nights of the week anyway it's a waste of money so maybe if she could figure at least a month month and you guys figured out I think and we've successfully gotten. Answer for. We are. Thank you Michael thanks for that will come back and just a few minutes Janet you're to predict how is Katy Perry fund act. I'm afraid of the conversation. Together and that's something in his honor. Was. Right they're living in his excellence so what measured guts today how do you think you respond whole thing. Star in 941.