Where is This Relationship Going: Jackson is Frustrated

Thursday, July 7th


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One. Shop just talk to Julia. She explains that she's not beating Jackson exclusively. Actually seeing other guys as much as she's being which explains issues and Reid's mind. The news. You these little bit of a different definition in Jackson has. Different Ajax and or an okay. That was. Now it's pretty difficult to bigger and so replica. I'm very complicated. Answers. There's like a very quite a very complicated question. Well you're really ready for an exclusive and fallen loved one on one relationship and she is not there in her life frank. Or yeah I mean quite clearly like he's. Crawling need to drop her like. And immediately. Spend six months so. That's pretty. But pretty out of the ordinary for someone he knows how utterly problems I would. Well do you feel comfortable now that it's confirmed she's been there. Yeah I feel pretty freaking yeah I mean there's. There's some anger there there's certain. Frustration and others you know I mean I hiker that. That kind of lame. And that that kind of not very. This is naught right. But she's now write and she never wanted it. You geyser exclusives that she thought the assumption was that. Probably both were dating other people. Well. I mean eighties part of our fault for. Bringing it out and go out and further into something like I don't know it just. I guess that they're. I detect except that some royalties for actors actors such a long time that we've been given out there but. So it's kind of like human. Keeping me under no illusion. Which has. We're human and percent. Jeffords I think for guys like if you're dating a girl and you might be dating interview on she might be dating him to be egregious still want it confirmed as your. Here egos like I just don't know. It's better that's why it. With a guy is not that if he if a guy asks the girl OK are we exclusive. That opens the door for her asking him and he probably does one answer that's why. I think most guys the exclusive anything quiet. Now because they don't right now but because they don't want to have to answer Butler. Plotting LA I don't know why you turn around. I mean obviously. The an opposite situation. Will Jen Jen hates man a couple of you can tell that if you listen this year. Quite clear. That you know I definitely don't acts and I'm sorry it's going the direction you wanted to go. That we got answers all we ask the question yet and gags. Weighted average guys with ran. Yeah back rural. Not kind of weird a ratio of at least. Concede the fact without kind of reared. Preferred. For six months not weeks. Yeah some fun out there. And. But anyway it. Can I can I I I personally can't say that it's weird because I am that it is. I mean I don't know about why it's fine it's it's a bomber free you by surpassing. That level of time. After six months like if you date somebody for a year and it's not exclusive. I know you're in the gray area that's pressure here in the weird gray area app so that that part weird. Our. Eyes. And thank you another satisfied customer of the jet engine ship this morning parents aren't for. One. A vision Shia.