Where is This Relationship Going: Jackson and Julia

Thursday, July 7th


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One. Shall we Larry is this relationship going is where we call someone on your behalf. In an attempt to find the status of your relationship there's a million reasons why you don't wanna do it. Nervous usually number one and and up to this point it's been women. Seeking that answer from the bright. Say hello loaded Jackson who is not a woman Jackson. Hayward. Are writes oh. We are going to call cool about your relationship. Michael Brown OK you what's up Anthony. Giuliani. At Kennedy. Jacked up brilliance Q that's cute couple should be couple fifth yeah. Shoot yeah suit you today but for her. And how long has been there. And the probable loan. It is related you narrowed and she wrong. Usually give sympathy. A lot easier and you know be reciprocal Micah. Term. That have huge upped the oil and she did not back. I would rather awkward. That. How did that yeah you can you tell us that story because we enjoy awkward it. Oh my lord lol you know we have that is. Romantic days you know like I decided to take her to dinner and stuff which is like. Yeah the relationships and pretty here is. Along the line in you know we had done that a couple times. So. You know I was that I was sending him. Told the islanders and see the success. Shaker cool. Sound like a country. You know it was a group like a wall. To. That's not what you want and you know. Who is better than Q right I mean. Oh god yeah are married you're wrong. So did you have any conversation beyond that about like hey am. Fighting its pastor. Yeah I mean we talked about it and he should just seems like she's not really there. So. I don't understand. There's your. You guys together right. Yeah. And she uses the boyfriend words like this is my boyfriend jacks. Well. Okay. Yeah. And here's the thing like I'm not really sure he is under the impression oh we're exclusive. Relationship. Pages just like just like equally possible. Got it OK. See you want us asked the question for you where's this relationship going. Because you want to be exclusive. And then you also want to know if she's feeling like Sheikh phoned mum lithium which isn't set yet. Yeah I mean after six months. There. I think dozer. Petty desires. I feel like we're inside an episode of the bachelorette right now. Not like you're not allowed to say back. It's unfortunate that that feel like the bachelorette beaches. I like you wanna relationship. ST okay so that's his real feelings involved in the nineties and I got it would be the way it works. Though the way again loses them we will put you on hold we will call her you hear the conversation. We have with her will get some answers and that will come back Tia. Oh I. Hate it when did you come. Skill. I've action. I am I'll make the phone call earned three minutes here is we ask what's her name again. Julia Julia or where is this relationship going on the Japanese interest rate. One. Vision Shia.