Where Is This Relationship Going Greg & Suzanne 2

Thursday, October 6th


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Yeah CR. Is far more. Gary just call us because he wants to find out from Suzanne where is this relationship going to explain to us. They have been on again off again for about four years he really cares about her. He feels like just life has been getting in the way he has kids she has kids. But he wants to act together and they have really been on again since when you say February something like that February again just wondering if this off again phase is going to be the way it is now. And he also told us that he has a child in. Suzanne class this year she's at she's and the teacher and teacher and Jen thinks that solves the mystery rate then that's solved that right because I don't think he'd be very professional to date one here students parents. And I feel like you have to tell your boss. Her. I don't know exactly how it works in the minutes and education I don't really know all the rules but I would imagine that's pretty big red X so. We are gonna call Suzanne and Gary you can listen in while we asked her the question where is this relationship now. And them in a weakened back to you Gary and will be your. Thoughts and the whole conversation you ready Gary. And I am going. I'm as big as Suzanne please. Hey hi Suzanne this is Jeff from the jets and Jane channel starting for one how are you. Very bad Harry you know we are well thank you for asking are calling. So you ask a question on behalf of a man you know as Gary. And the reason you know me is scary is because that is his name. Such an important important. Janet necessarily had it. As nerve wracking and yeah. Thought it then things are phenomenon that's Gary where it's on us all about your relationship Ed the president on again off again for four years back. He's had so many awesome things to say about him. We. Wolf remained flat he remained. 200 guy. Don't have to I think you are taken over so the question Gary wanted to ask to ask and his behalf is. Where is the relationship between you and him. Going. Because he told us for several years you guys were on again off again probably a little more on the off. You were kind of a couple and van. Earlier this year you've manages. Banished. And he's reached out a couple times either as a wanna be that over the top crazy. But he does want an hour of maybe he should stop trying or. What's up. I hate it but I think that he should stop trying for now group. Because the deal and said I am a teacher and he had that child who is now in my class. And it's it's super awkward because his ex wife. Is not a fan of mine. You know I have to Gil Harrington you know seeing him is just not get into too much too weird. For now I think we've added it's not do it. Scioscia very involves a mom with her kid and united in Iraq to lie around school. He she really should stressed. Helicopter mom and she's just around. The time peaks and barked and yeah I just can't be I can't be in a relationship with. Which carrier right now with this situation if it's just not working out. I thought that it was maybe like a rule something around which you have to tell your boxes if you were dating one of your kids' parents think it. Now all of the camera appliances. That. You know anxious. I'm comfortable. With the mom she did he look like I'm like at first written he dated after their divorce so she clearly there. You know not allowed me to begin went. And she know OK so she knows that you guys needed. But if you were currently act you're currently dating then that would be real well. Oh wow yeah effect and at that and entrepreneur busy at okay so she has this ex wife I'm sorry I keep coming. Well I was just asked if you would have thought of just telling Gary I mean like OK be if your daughter's a student in mind. We got ex and day. Stuff AA they would do today. Well I mean I can't I could be more straightforward than I have I just I kind of had blown it beyond that I just now. I should probably get it down I'm like yeah we had a nickname that hanging out and. I see so. I have another question about the acts as she did not does she even your relationship you know. I think you had some. I don't know if she's in one right now are not and I know she found around now. All right well thank you for your honesty yet he and yeah you do your job again. Thinking you have your hand I haven't had a single. Ounce of hope or anything we'll olive branch like. Still these it's. Totally died just. Not hot enough to warrant that awkward situation infant but hey what's gonna be more awkward seeing his ex wife for seeing his daughter after you just called and hot and the marine. I'm yeah an end it anyway you look at it and. Thank you Suzanne thank you about my yeah. I can win to redress the new teammate. That. It's held Abbas. The apple will. The whistle. I welcome back in three to pick up dairy and Jan just get substantial. Is it wasn't exactly deliberately yeah it was close enough we'll. Like professionals. And we'll call Gary Arnold and Gary back champion three minutes seven dentures starting before one. She's running Dennis in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. And strip come and overload off the jet engine Shia on starring Betty Ford Lola and.