Where Is This Relationship Going Greg & Suzanne 1

Thursday, October 6th


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And all over. Jeff finch and she our unsung no need for blood. Where is this relationship going. We got a guy who wants to know what's up with the on again off again girl he's been dating they've been off for quite awhile. You want to know it's over we'll help them out a couple seconds. What everybody tell you would be the most important thing about your wedding day and at the end not a big deal at all as Jeff's wedding gets closer and closer we are trying to get him. Hundred tons of advice and this is tomorrow's topic it can help him out you're listening at this time tomorrow after the Jeff contention. Gary welcome to the Jeffords and show in this segment that we call where is this relationship go Harriet. I'm doing good appreciate. It yes it is thank you. Well thank you for bringing it to us so what relationship are we talking about today. So I. Actually not currently wit this per person Sudan is an eight and down. But the thing is we've been together. On and off or. A long like four years a long time and it's it's it's gonna be brings brought pentagon used to. Getting back together and and I don't know like this this last. Sort of say that not being together being all. Has been the longest that a that's ever been and so now I'm I'm starting to wonders if we are gonna get back together again and and so so yeah that's yet that's who I'm wondering if it is. It's it's over for real this side door or there's another chance. So when you guys go from on again off again what's usually the cause of that off again. It's hard to pin down the specifics are just like I have moderate. Lice and my kids and she has her like and her kids and sometimes it's just it's that's hard enough and then trying to put them together. Just think it's complicated. But then but then me. We'll see each other and for whatever reason we. You know we think. Let let's give it another shot and also I think that sometimes people just need based. Have you tried to reach out to her or do you wait for her to reach out to you like how does that normally work. You guys I have kind of tried even. You know just kind of be more president and her lies just like little things right. They broken things like that an initiative that gear up again encouraging the slower just so pure so we're geared. Do you think she's the tab a woman that would want a big gesture from you don't. Some guidance we will. We have our god and gesture and steam in the driveway fast for a while holding a boombox over there. As. I. You know if that is that it is that's I would view that I would no surprise me that would. In wouldn't want antidote to simply issued that I I would I don't know I think I'd be out for another. Shot. I'm not I gotta be honest and not hearing a lot of play. Enthusiastic. Confidence from use it. You're meant to be would this woman and the two of you have to be together and hearing more of like now. While watching Tommy. Well. I don't know I mean. That my agency need because I. She liked I feel like that that does that really. Head over heels started it is sold. Sort lips you know I really get past that and then uses. An edit it's bad news and that's so cute. She wants you to choose to love that person you know moving forward and I. I didn't know that I. That is really care about her and she's been really good friend and among everything else. So. Did. Earlier you mentioned that you both have kids are your kids asking about park. They don't. Necessarily need to undermine my daughter's actually and her that she's a teacher. So. Home. State they kind of pretended they actually here. So what did you pass and netlogic given note dear god and I ask you to answer. She's got you one of your kids in her class this year. Yeah remote. Although that's different does that change things for agent well. Because it's that could be the answer right ear you thank. You do anything. Beak. She probably. Your child out of her class before she present date and I was at a rule. I'm not sure that it. Knows the rule book but I would think that. It would be not for national that the students parents. We gated teachers tell all that we noted there are things at theaters you are not professionals though. Here right hair and. Well I don't know I feel like she would we we had to. Convince you that a little bit already here she saw the kid. We also those are each other school. Our daughter and she saw marketed as you're all of this I was teaching their. For a while also and then we'll sort of I as such I sell out we had kind of gotten past that dynamic. I don't know. Iowa will call her. And ask her what's up malaska where's this relationship going. And you get to listening you don't get in Iraq for their Virginia to listen to the conversation and then welcome back to you afterwards and all of your thoughts and act. All right Gary we'll make that phone call on your behalf to Suzanne he and three minutes. Yeah on the jet engine engine start and before one. Czar not before one.