Where Is This Relationship Going: with Evelyn and Joshua Part 4

Thursday, February 9th

Did Evelyn just play us? Our callers think so...


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Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one and wondering if we just got played. Hey guys MP and Joseph laughs yeah welcome to this guy's. Hey yeah I saw like we got slate I might stay on top flight. You sound like Arnold genuine concern not just kind of like a nice parent and did what I ate. You sound like you're just went in Canada it's not like I don't know what it did sound like reality show I don't know while. Thank you think Evelyn was actually in two Joshua. I'm a little bit I don't like you're a little in June is stealing Morgan Morgan and chat about. I want the a lot there are a lot of people casting votes that. And thank you for the call. There are a lot of people casting votes and saying that. What's her face Evelyn actually is a thing for Joshua leg Kristen. Are they playing guardian minute Hitler now bail. (%expletive) out. So you can't. I'll. Yeah. Thank you and let the perfect relationship. So crying he had nothing but good things about her and she got that. You know he's gonna go back to Morton and it ain't bad at eight strange. And Alden wanna meet rock on the radio program and a proposed. Very Sherri welcome to the show. Right. Evelyn at it trying to get there late you're you're completely hoping that. A boyfriend went and he didn't want to move on I eight. Hoping to be I would go back and they're better at it you've. Got a lot I need to tell how. I see I knew you guys are smarter than us where parents and I'm not a thought of that but she's right. She was fishing for an answer this in debt I gallon Lawrenceville. And yet Evelyn or the boyfriend for herself. Because their girlfriend they're gonna stick with the recruit friends and wanted to screw all. A warning big guy you know. It seemed like your girlfriend didn't stick with your girlfriend paid out Jim Crow about why have you got called a guy. Right. Because she want to mix it up a bit and then caused some trauma and their relationship and then he would be single and for her. It seems so obvious started out like this. And it ended the leg miss. A lease sound welcome to the show in Marietta. Oh my god I. I had this girl is a match it's neat it's clearly a lab with this guy can play where he rallied at ticketed and yet they're where she her friend. And I parent like. Lit candle then put out paddled around it because. She clearly a elegance is like I want him in our ally sports so long now she wanted to and it highlight and it's gonna make Serbs are about what about the way that she can move. On him. And yeah he's appreciated I'm while it's unanimous can't find any call Matt saying exactly that he. Carefully everywhere and that seven times sanitized really we. Aided and abetted in the sabotage. I think it was those laid low only party of wine your table. Star in 941.