Where Is This Relationship Going: with Evelyn and Joshua

Thursday, February 9th

Evelyn thinks her friend Morgan needs some help.


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Star in 941. Errors this relationship you can always. Jane for this week's installment of whereas this relationship knowing it. We are talking we've Evelyn. Hey Angela welcome to detect intentional how are you black. Louis Guillen and so what relationship are we talking about this week. I would let's talk about my best friend Morgan. Okay come and her boyfriend Joshua. Okay is usually wears this relationship going is about your relationship business and actually met someone else's. Yeah I think I'm dead in the relationship brand but. A Morgan need a little outlook probably. OK okay what is going on with Morgan and ease in her boyfriend is. Joshua. Attack. Our Lola Moore. We're getting the right leg. Really just be. All over the place but relations should get something she gets really wreck and then you leave. And knee and the rest of her very close friend and emulation and just went out like a year. And we called and he's about achieved incredible and her totally get are such a wonderful man and I ended. Wanting to make it clear to him that he should block event and they keep it a lot Morgan you know it took to her typical rectal bang and we. Okay says she typically bounces from relationships at this year mark. Yeah I'd around that time particularly like another second on. I'm like Karl while I need and rightly and I'm like yeah back trash let. Them Courtney he. He's a really wonderful. So the question that would way to segment works is we make a phone call on your behalf so the question is are we calling Morgan or are we gonna called Josh. SARS. OK and ask him where the relationship with Morgan has now. Didn't get mentally ill or had grabbed the attention they need to remove them bang and a permanent collection Pete. It's one scale. Got it so wait a second though if Morgan is the type of L. If he gives or rain would that send her run or would she say yes and then you feel like be locked it. I assume she might think he had been married at a different thing and like. And he's now Wear a white girl yeah I went on so hold on your. I think it'll trigger now. And they about that. In my day they might be exactly what she needs because if she's feeling antsy and I'm not gonna pretend to speak girl. But if she's not embrace if he's feeling antsy and she historically feel Yancy. It the year part via your mark. Couldn't part of that reasoning of that B she's like well this guy's patio but he hasn't taken it to the next level now. I gotta get out I gotta go right to me is an dugout and I can that be part of her panic. There really declare I didn't even think about that. Could be because you know like you don't battered oh port he'd beat yeah. And so maybe that's part of that and then. Yeah and people expect that then back Jared that it would now like I don't recall. And so typically when we talk to the person we tell them who asked us to call them. She restated Joshua why you asked us to call. I I want I want Britain to be admired. And he narrows and he knows who you are raise negatively grew wire and apple and how. That may now look at. He has me and then so he's gonna give us the status update and then do you wanna ask that specifically say. Well just a heads up. She gets antsy he is thirty Nancy's so if you if what you're if he gives a positive review of the relationship. Do you want Asta blatantly say. You gotta start moving this ball down field. Yeah I don't you know. I'm pretty prepared if you had Jan you know a little nervous I'm nervous. But I think. And can I get a little credit for the sports analogy rate that was pretty thanks for. All right apple and the way it works is welcome back in three minutes made the phone call to Josh while you listen and then. We'll get his thoughts on everything we just talked about in the and welcome back to you and give some clues and dream for her for lack of a better and sickle. Right we will come back in three minutes and Jen makes the call and ask Steve questions. One where's this relationship going. To. Are you ready to move the ball down the field. This. I love sports references three minutes from now on the dividend. And jump. Still are ready for a one.