Where is This Relationship Going? With Emily and Adam: Part 3

Friday, April 21st

We just got NOPE'd


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Shall star. I Wii and a very bizarre. Whereas this relationship going called just happened. I've few missed it Jan does what she always doesn't normally doesn't so well. Called Adam whose families away from a to get am only nine. Emily welcome back to the show. And so. Yeah we're redistricting. Just a quick recap Jan calls and asks. The talk to Adam and he school. And the many he hears your name or her family's name. He just says the word no. In and disconnected the call. Maybe. But think back and you like. And know and and hung up again. No. We mean nope it. He obviously doesn't wanna talk to us and now. I do think it has to do with you. And the it to be honest DNL Dell. Riley he hang up last year I had made me. I just think I need a crime myself and feel like all the data about. It yeah it you'd and didn't tell him about my parents say. Anything you heard there you heard the whole thing. That in early and yeah I need to call him the be like what is going time. Because the fact that you get and don't when he heard me be that kind of changed. Okay do you when you call us back. I'll call eight an accurate you know and any it. And I Colin trying to talk to them. We just trying to and one more time in the Nevada where it was and that's when. I obviously I didn't first each time they closed number idea that he animals. Yeah Amelie shapes are emerging as last time your handled okay area. Aegis once the year ago you know. And. Here at. Hello hey Adam it's Jeff from the Jeff's engine shall I know you just talked to Jan a couple minutes ago hands. You. Appear apparently did not like the direction that the conversation was going. So I would surely they'll call in and well. Emily woods just wondering about her upcoming visit with her parents. And she wanted us to ask you to. If you wanted to go with her or if that's not something you're into at all. Then my previous answer not answer that question. Well we didn't get to the question. So you'd what aggressor and do you wanna go is it. Emily's family with her. No. The gone. Maybe his theory is broken and it when he says nope it just disconnect all. I got half on arm got Emily. So if you think I'm listening to our first conversation. So he RD new low and ask. I don't know. Just to be out I remember. I hit it very external. The fact that glued. In fact he could remain anchored don't know what I'm not really because. I don't know about what kind of I keep being rude. Cutie can't act and that kind of neat to filter it says hoping to hang out. Called ye as. Now and I yet I don't know keeping an electric yellow arm and I mount some saying you know them that works so well that would be on the radio. I don't know I really don't know. I. Well good good luck than keep this posts that are okay. I love beauty as call to let you don't know what happened sorry we couldn't it's more. Thank you appreciate I Chang now. It's taking every ounce of willpower I have not to just say no and hang up on. Just say yeah I was an uncle and I'm gonna say by Emily and and he. Political. Star in 941.