Where is This Relationship Going? With Emily and Adam: Part 2

Friday, April 21st

We just got NOPE'd


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Czar not before one. Jen always gets a little bit nervous at this part of this year out every week. Let's talk lowered to ask the question. And that's why we do it is now where's this relationship golly we distance and time talk with homily about her. Relationship with Adam. And she wants Adam to meet her parents. But every time they make the plan he would say yes but then he comes up with an excuse not to go and onto it says she wants us to ask. Where is this relationship going has certainly feels like it's a big old red flag. Sign from god is which account it that he doesn't wanna meet her so we're gonna find out I family were about to call. Adam are you ready to give us. It will be on hold just listening in I. Oh it it. It. Hello. And I'm. Hello. May speak at a please. They're not them they act and this is Jan and Jeff from the jet engine Johnson and before one has a couple of her hair and other government here we are gang hate we can't cede day to talk to write your relationship with and only suite normally. Armor sweet Emily who loves you so much. That she and I and Jeff have been talking about your relationship that you guys been together for two years and things are going really would you agree. Let. She suggested that we just had our our conversation with Amelie where she says. She was just telling as how great you guys get along. I don't know how to say it differently thought I was elated and no. Claiming nope. And if he say nope. I think you just said nope so are you not in a relationship with a woman named mammal is gone. There. I think that was a jacked up my own thing and attack. I. For the. Vote may add to stand again are we got directed. I didn't just. So. High. I'm so we were just talking about Emily. No. We mean nope. They clearly said nope act. And how it reads it. There is no mean I wanna be on the radio. We cleared the eight Libyan radio it's not that he didn't wanna be and a radio either on retirement MO. He said no bogeys I age average went and and committees and Emily you know. Old time for the first time earlier is like Jack out when he. It up the phone. I that hit that note. All right well well and had a whole listen to on now its time and her parents. Welcome back in three minutes though and pick up ambling. CY that just happened. It's where's this relationship going to have version then you know especially at Amelie back out of this than three minutes. Any foreign tourists on one hand it's alert and intense consider row. I'm starting these horrible line.