Where is This Relationship Going? With Emily and Adam: Part 1

Friday, April 21st

We just got NOPE'd


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell all the now. There is this your relationship you can always. Where is this relationship going is exactly but it sounds like somebody wants to know the status. Of the relationship therein that they call us we ask that uncomfortable question on the react. He thinks about that uncomfortable question he avenue in all especially. There's two critical times when I think the question comes up a pan am one is like. A couple months and when you're trying to do they are we exclusive. Debate yeah. Yes and the other way as a couple years in realize what I'm best at some time in this what do we what's next. Here and he this is as. This out I rap I'm not really sure where Emily falls on this now. But Emily wants us to ask that question of Adam hey Amelie rubbish out. Arie all we are great human well how about you. Do you mean globally and their health. A tag bring. Competing I mean I went from haven't been calling out for about two years. We had he has yet to meet my parents. I'm actually going to do that and two weeks. Thinking and it could mean a candidate keep pressing it. And then I completely been together for quite some time that I appreciate my parents. And I wanted a little if he doesn't want to meet the parents duty and future. So when you have brought it up in the past about meaning is. Yeah him meeting your parents what's. What's his excuse was he sent. We're getting a little excuse to lead this great idea and man I can't duplicate can't. Something hat and a lucky he did not act like you could make a play kind of leader that has happened a couple of high. But now it's like OK we've been together for quite a pack. I don't wanna pass out but I want to know scheme or do you not let future Whitney. Everything else and the relationship is going while. As the visual problems like captain he shut me. What would try not to let that card like why don't wanna be make it. Is it have you told stories like maybe ever really intimidating to add or something. I guess I did talk about my parents from time to time but it. You're going to be I wanna have a future with me are gonna happen eventually kill it might. Yeah our tier are your parents super religious is there's anything notable that would make. Him their best. Not I can think. Nothing that he would react that and I mean that hated it completely on your cat ran straight to your mom kind of tune into our religious. Believe. I would have heard a comment I would have I would about something I really don't I just don't feel. Like that is the way it means that kind of an eye on me like 88. Doll doesn't wanna deal with me that I think I don't want to put edit my my name. Maybe you just can't meet parents I don't know. And Ed you asked him point blank. Now begun to eat at I had it I kind of wanted to get appeal. To Heidi that helped me. Because they don't want to conduct by it it's not paint but it hit something then I rather just be quiet hobby he'll tell you that the chip on OP had a so then I can now. Okay well and then you can always just blame must throw us right in the bots. I conversation. With him after the whistle thing has played well will be upon its. It. All right well the way where it is now whoa whoa put you on hold year. And then gained three minutes three and a half minutes he picked up the phone we call him while you're listening hand and ask him that question. Where is this relationship going in in the follow up. Depending on how he answers and hopefully he says aren't going you know going great and I've see a future and the problem is what's up and meet the parents. And you get to listen and then holding a welcome back to you get your reaction after we get his answers. It you're very welcome I'd three and hold right now and then we will come back in 33 and a half minutes made the phone call. He any less nervous asking the question is this that in your anxiety every time. It's makes me a little bit generous disperse this on I'm not sure what's on the other end because after two years of everything is great why not a meter pants in point we'll find out in three minutes. Where's this relationship going started for one. You can jump star ready for a one.