Where is This Relationship Going: Dana's Putting Her Walls Up

Thursday, February 2nd


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Just enjoy and shell ansari nutty for blood and there are about to picket Dana here who just got to listen and when we asked Adam where is this relationship going in it was so great day yet. So frustrated right now we didn't get any super great answers for her. But. I'm interested to see her reaction Adana. All today. I would on. While that question for you know how do you feel about it I mean I know you guys aren't exclusively dating. He didn't know that he had asked that somebody noon. Can this thing. I. Darnell all I should feel that it. Earlier part of me that a woman and that is. Saying no at all why are evenly. On board and that's all. It back. But any other part of me. They're rich history that we've had and within just par for the course you know I think my take it how our relationship working her he would. Looking to get to know this girl and I can't be mad and then more via that that. It sounds I mean. That. He's still really really conquered by fear. The tricky one then I don't think it'll be a hard decision to commit to me when all gone on a couple of dates or someone else so. Oh I understand that you know. Dana has this happened and reverse where he's maybe been. More interest in hanging out with UBU met somebody new. 100%. Yet and that's why I understand it kid and it's like not surprising mean. Wait saying I completely understand it a good I had the next year there are people and I know he's so scared of the kids. On a reality really irritated there's never been someone I've met that I said oh yes this guy to make me happy in the long term. Like Adam said. But I just can never admit that myself until now so I'll I'll. I didn't time you know. Well you're taking a much better than I am because. I am very upset when Adam. And how do you. Yeah mainly relate your upset as with food you're just pushing Adam aside and moving on to the next course I did it's that's exactly what it is it's like here's. Is being ten to grid is delicious. I it. Healthy. Beautiful meal all. All of his friends talent is so good forum and meanwhile he's still shovel and slapped down as I all I can do. He's only gonna buy over four weeks like no role. You know all I know I'm good values Hillary. It on Fareed you're telling it I mean I can't I feel like I'm Marty and how all that I'd dealer any. I thought it and I'm gonna go cry horribly went to. The. I did it well sorry it was a matter at least our conversation with him can open up the door for you and him did talk about it. That's an alien elements you're welcome hopefully is that too awkward. About nine. NC I'll still are.