Where is This Relationship Going: Chloe Wants to Know Daniel's Intentions

Thursday, June 16th


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Thank you for making this is an edge fringe and Shia on its peaceful. And we have ourselves an interesting whereas this relationship going. All and all this is a good one insert ourselves and someone's relationship then just let the chips fall and we don't. Earnhardt now. We are asked to be in Austria. Khloe is asking is the beauty inserting today club. All. I explained that she and what makes swears it's. More unique in the. Well. Not calling for me I'm calling because. There hasn't boyfriend and they get Netflix by years and I wouldn't count and our entire family wants him out and will not ask him why they haven't gotten it yet. Like this so you want us to collier's sister's boyfriend. And and am wearing his relationship going with your system. Yeah that you really good guy in the evening and on what I'm. Perfect so he can get mad at us and he get mad at UB can't get mad at her. About did you sister put you up to this or is this you acting completely on here. Doesn't now. Okay. Now you know we're gonna have to tell him that you're the one doing business they use this as an out of. I will be the bad guy. Right we did meet and they're. Okay it's a big big together for five years about how old today. He didn't you keep 33 people have good job they're exactly their life that they like I understand why it. Honestly. And you want to hurt you I'm Rachel to be engaged and married a. Let. Me talk about it he definitely want it that he did that. You wanted to act in order it at that it would palace I don't know what I. Do you think he's just dragging his feet like why is it taken so long. Don't know if they keep trying to figure it out it may know lot. It is late into get pregnant by a big deal even. In only a lot. I you know it not been burned and pat wait isn't the first dyed my sister just fallen fourteen completely mother and we can't figure out. Okay well it sounds like there's no reason why he shouldn't be moving forward with that so. We can definitely give him a call and ask him is there anything else we should know before calling him. Little bit so I may I don't know how you feel about being a good idea. That's right Tian is very Fuller film film. You know very kind. I'd so clearly years words we put you on hold. We call him you listen to the whole conversation that we can back to. 01 must question Chloe did they lived together. And in that case dining death. A pair made a comeback and the advantage and yet. Thank you for making this switch today Jesse James Shia on selling people watch.