Where Is This Relationship Going: Can Friends with Benefits be More?

Thursday, February 2nd


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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One start now before one and it is time for something they get to. Errors this relationship you can always. It's exactly as the big boys sky you described it we eat. And I'd make a phone call on your behalf. And ask awkward questions. So you don't last year because you always want another answer to that question where's this relationship going. He just always going to be the one asked. And because technology is great. You can hide behind the valid and FM radio signal a titles before you Adana welcome to the shadow. Truly Marion. We are get this power you will. You know OK. So you would like for us to go ask adamant question on your behalf. Yes Iowa and went OK so who is Adam. All of that. And actually I'm sure he and it. A guy and that I had been in. Short and honey don't. Day use and the last three years. And I found really strange and weird. But he did never gonna exclude this. Yeah I mean. Yeah. You could use a dating like it had a question mark at the end day. Our early years. When you act like we'll go on day eight. We're not dating anybody at the time Mikey and I go to. Kind that dagger like it a little blind date and I'm calling her on and invited to a wedding and Allen and take Kandahar. Like it I wanna look at great look at things like he's always there on. I could never that I love you leave no I mean I've met his handling and he's met. Part of my family and we have mutual friend that easily we know all of the people on our lives. And it's funny because people will can't tell us separately. You know really you kind together like why aren't you dating what's going on and well below the sold scared that kind of scoring a bully Ari have some weeks I'm. You know can't we don't I I mean we have never had one thing though I. Don't get jealous at all he doesn't get jealous I mean I mean I get a little bit of time. Lead other county get jealous and I never have I. But feel like if we get together it it. As scary thing because then wanna get through that. Our friendship can I mean honestly he's my best friend and and very dear to me but I iron and then clay where. I'm looking at that man and he's. Still skirted and his car is those sweet and he's funny thinking lap you can cut you know abundantly would not want. And I scared so I ended ended at a place where I really lions. You're pretty happy you know what Miley did dumped then and it is being and they explicitly. So he's right. He's basically like your favorite hoodie that you've had since college. And I am out here and now you're making the decision LA. Taken into the dry cleaner have her stick chapped they're afraid cops. I did this and get this stains out because you wanna keep it for a long time. The I don't think it yeah I guess you but the ballet. There is something new this happen and that is causing you to one aspect this question now. Ike are you both single at this time because he said that you humidity each other when you weren't dating other people. I. I am not aware of anyone he's dating her head I'm definitely not seeing anyone and I haven't anyone in a while I was asking myself like. Why real good today. And I hit it in and I think half pound out that it's against. When I went and I am really happy and I don't feel the need. Rick Perry can many L well outlet added I've got to do it now all are never you know. When you find that perfectly comfortable birdie. Ask and you got there got a warning just sound so this better comparison than Jeff usually brings a disease that brings up the news now though. Ali as lousy as that company's search. Yes but what I. So Dana has been the type of guy who's kind of waiting in the wings for you to decide this. All are I'm trying to get more earlier picture of how he feels about the relationship. Well I thought I know. Remembering a ham and I say oh Linux weenie. I can't turn around it. And he's repeatedly has such a good thing and we're so focused on the fact that we've never had tightened or years. And that. There really isn't any tension and I can I'm only going out and went out. It. Hey you know I'm here lately I've been a little more talent then and pack years. And you know I got he'd never. Angrier at a granddaughter playing games and go or worried that being exclusive to all the pressure on. And and he said that a quarter. When and I darted out and I public had to clean green totally still act the way and you quietly. And I actually held at certain kind of like. We have a good thing Michael muck it up with commitment. And you have the last. What does not that month or so I did have not up LA but I haven't been able to count and I'm I'm scared he's not gonna go and play. So it's worth the risk to you know we just have to ask him if it's worth the risk to come because if it doesn't work out that your friendship probably doesn't work out. Worry elysees. Or has altered forever forever. Mean yeah well if anybody can navigate those waters carefully it's Jenn hobby this is. Like a secret superpower that she had found out about we're gonna try our best here Dana okay. JI. We are gonna make the call to add him in three minutes I'm Dayne has behalf and ask him. Feel the same way about her and. James Young still are ready for a one.