Where is This Relationship Going with Bridget and Matt: Part 3

Thursday, March 2nd

Bridget and Matt are definetly going to have a talk.


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We just talked to Matt for weir is this relationship going and I think already coming to the lesson we're gonna learn as Jeff a gag makes some sort of afternoons national car crash okay afterschool special the more you know rainbow is gonna shoot pass this guy yes yes Cali discern any for a one logo. I think that. And the more you know here's what I think is that. What we'll talk to bridge and get her reaction when he said but I think that men and women sign up for dating sites with different intentions. That's and I think the less tennis women's sign up with their heart in Maine sign up their pants this have something like that I just mean that. When it will be interested in meeting someone in any way possible with the hope or with the optimism that it could turn into. Of real significant relationship and their life whereas I think men sign up with the intention of it being. Not long term. Hey he at Bridget welcome back to the show. I how to do there. Okay. Yeah great odd but. Basically he thinks tender at the hook up adapt. Now. Isn't. It is or isn't a way to meet people. I mean we know somebody Jeff and I have a good friend here at the radio station who met. Her husband on ten year other trying to get. Same thing I was your gonna I know couple who met on tendered their very bad and they have no shame rights. But as tags I didn't. I didn't I know pretender or just a cop bet not I was using an airport like. We should all me. Like. I think he made that assumption he has sounded that by meaning you on tender that you also knew it would be just a hookah. Because that's how all these this site and using the site is any other site where you're looking for potential acts. Now I'm not okay with hits. Like. I'm not gonna just let him low in the op because we madam hinder and but we have a good thing going in and you know it he even adds like. They're the inaction and there's something bear. Like. And you don't have to tell your parents and his parents that you met on tenor you can just say we had a mutual friends. And mutual friend just happen to be an. What may. I mean I definitely all of our Bennett are not that I mean it that. At how he feels and there's no there really isn't any reason for me ever talk to began at bat. What he wanted to because I'm not what it economy. Just so I'm clear what you're saying right now is the Euro gonna fight for this relationship that your com backing down dude. Where I'm two different pages let's make this work. And if he's not into that unit and he's like now where it's tender I can ever work as well then he's done. Absolutely there's something they're per share in even I'd like we've got a good thing going by. If you really think that I injected booty call in bike. We met just to hook up that's not. Bad not. Where I that's not what it was certainly at all. You sound Manhattan wash she's mad I don't should be disappointed. I am surprised at how surprised you bar. But I think that that's does that use not tender as one thing he sighed as another. But he did say at the end of our conversation and he wanted to have a conversation with you about it so. Maybe we just rich again. Ray you know little or maybe maybe Jan we Bridget the Mac. He was not. How I'm so glad we. Well if nothing else comes out of this segment we've got that phrase. I. Hybrids I hope the conversation goes well. I do you honestly I think I think. He's a great guy. Iowa thank you Laura. They've thank you for bringing mysterious. MO we've please keep us posted on what what ends up happening. Lily I think so much for helping me out I appreciate that. I thank you. I mean if nothing else they're gonna have a passionate moment of this one very the other one where the other like even if they're breaking up they're gonna have a one last. Talk I'm trying to us I'm trying to figure out if I'm okay with her fighting for this.