Where is This Relationship Going with Bridget and Matt: Part 2

Thursday, March 2nd

...but Matt sees the relationship's origins as a limiting factor.


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Where is this relationship going it's the question you always want to ask about your to forget to do yourself. So we just ourselves right in the middle of your relationship and I don't expect. Were invited to participate that is true that I threw Bridget has invited us today in our relationship because she must know where things are going with Matt. She's just on us about how they've been dating she feels like they're exclusively dating that they haven't had that talk yet. Because there's a lot of distance between each date. And I travels for a living and so. Their time together is a little more sporadic and it typical relationship. So Bridget if you are good galleries so I do this then hang on and listen in as we come back okay. Still down. I'm down OK there are those who always double check. And will come Rabach Bridget and we are demand and your feet. I. Calling Mets on behalf. Frigid. Signed an answer winners this relationship now. Oh. Rosenberg. Matt this is Jenn hobby from the steffens and show how you doing and. I generally doing all right out of yourself. Oh lead thanks to take an hour call today I'm here and Jesse are too. Will allow the event voice that makes me wanna talk deeper. After I've heard Erica. So what Matt what could have a show you are part of one of our favorite segments today. Uncalled whereas this relationship going our crime and to ask you question about your relationship with yet. Oh all right Bridget who has its elements about how she's really enjoy an evening you know with you engaging in. You said the you know where had a good match from two and it's become more important to her. I'm over time he holds. Yeah sociologist and things are are going really well. But she's concerned about the distance of time in between your dates so she says like all the dates have been great. There's a long battle between them may because of your job. Worked as Ortiz didn't. Demolition. Particularly. Yeah. Cool well she just kind of winds in no. How your feeling about everything should she be invest seeing as much in man's as she is. Is she seems excited about that but she wants to make sure that you both are going in the same direction. Yeah it is broaden our concern Robert Draper Richards British political predominantly an hour are. They didn't do we really don't want to enter so rich it's not necessarily that that added that anything in the relationship is not wrong just. Yeah eight or maybe your they didn't have a clearer understanding what she wanted from the ocean. Should be and where it brought to. You know I had I normally couldn't go home to my evolve corporate so wonderful about problems they also are ice like starter in and we got matched up or not. How things got a replica of a story to tell your kids you know. So. I'm waving your met gonna prevents. Law. What kind of relationship this in us or going to dictate what kind of relationship dissidents. Is a problem. I think I don't know what is it is its 100% since it is especially about what I have what I intend to do it in that you use of the application you know. I'll sit down effort you put it out. I was just gonna say so so from the moment you first met her I'm Tinder. Like this and now this is never anything more than day. Let's hang out when it's convenient for both investment you'll never rematch girlfriend on a mere boyfriend largest. It's just think it's good thing at that thing. That's opposed to my understanding of the the platform activated the user group to decide out. I thought I. So I don't think history together is on point. OJ and I have purchased good followed tiger now there's a great time. Got it. OK but as far as being exclusive girlfriend boyfriend that's not where this is headed for yeah. Com I don't. I certainly wouldn't say that was that was my intention nor the direction and I was trending now. Com if somebody was to ask you if you met like somebody new and base and air you'd dating anyone. What would your answer be right now. Thanks. I mean I did I say time I'd actively dealing you know. I happen online profile on a couple of sides. You know armed by Obama's about I don't I'm not doing out there right now but we got word change and don't try to tell. You know and another bolt. Now so. Are there are other. Great kids. The goal again. I. I am I okay. Aren't well I hope the conversation goes well with later. Yes yes apparently the true repentance that none of how the discussions. A little bit of one I think that would be a good idea pressure. Well Matt thanks for coming on with us we appreciate it. Another problem you're going to us. I'd take care. OK how do you think that's gonna go we come back here about three minutes that we swiping. How yes wife Valerie and this is like I'm Bridget Betty are really awful way to put it when you. Oh. What you mean the words white. You out that's aware that shouldn't be involved in dating at all I Jameer I swiped her swipe. Anyways how do you think she's Maryann London and try to predict. I don't think she's going to be surprised but I think images of it I will find out in three minutes when we pick up Bridget and see what she thought of Matt's explanation. Of where their relationship is never going to go. As they met on tender you don't think there's ever any hope for. Three minutes from right now Bridget joins the jet engine chip to wrap up where's this relationship go.