Where is This Relationship Going with Bridget and Matt: Part 1

Thursday, March 2nd

Bridget thinks her relationship with Matt is going great, and is hoping that he also sees its long term potential...


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Whereas this relationship going. Thank you Mr. Big voice announcer guy and Jenn hobby. Say hello to our new friend Bridget Bridget. Hey Bridget has LN. Good Maureen right we are dead we are willing to sacrifice ourselves and arts agency for now I thought I. To ask the uncomfortable questions of the you don't have to. I appreciate it hit it thin. I tell us about this guy Matt and why you want us to find out where your relationship with him is that it. OK so Paul why we've been dating for awhile we've got on several flight. I consider a actively DB IER couple we've gone out to dinner we spent the night together I've spent the night with his politics he's spent. Night that his ways earth I'd spend nights at his place. It's just like our date aren't old enough to gather. You're panicked when he spent like. Right now each other twice a week and then and we won't see each other Ehrlich an entire week. And Manuel looked at the weekend together but spent little gull lake. A week and a half without seeing each other and then. It just like. I don't know it seemed like a weird progression of dating and I just I don't. Where there Arlene. So do you have a really busy Joba or does he have a job where he travels are. Yeah we're not I don't but he does travel for work. But I mean worked rant about social media late. I know he doesn't have kids I know he's not like mirror eager something you're and he and you have Blake. And that we heard I don't. Lag. Righty because usually the normal time line of dating. Is. You either go out on a couple days ago on my god this is the greatest human alive and then you guys are practically live and again. I figured you know seated profanity or are you see each other like once. During that we give them once the next week and then IBM's twice away Berrian four times a week. Yeah so what you're saying is. Your inseparable in the beginning of relationship pretty much and that might not how I Gillick. You're in some sort of couples purgatory. Or here tonight he trap to be too mean. The exciting first can't get enough of them and he monotony. We've been together forever saucy USC yeah. Exactly. So Jack have you guys talk about your relationship in any way. Or maybe the better question is what is your relationship talks been about. I need not be light are we get them moving in together order anything that I. We haven't like talked about exclusively. Dating but I mean. Senior white. Word. A couple you don't like. Are you. Aware of him out of booty call it's not as Catholic we're. Just like. Yeah I mean I don't call again. So you're intimidated to ask this question to him directly where is this relationship and yeah that because you don't wanna mess it up. He feel like things are going so well a crank. I'm now they'll. I was at ams I guiding him finish that that sorry. Well because I mean at that point. I guess yeah I don't wanna scare him away it seems like we're a couple and. Were together. But a big gap. Trying to confuse me and I don't want Alex hey it rarely going what are we had terrible way or something Iranians. I mean there are questionnaires that ask is because you have access to social media and all that staff. Is have you seen him like I'm dates with other people at all or like anything that made you. And now with that. No but he doesn't like old pictures of our date either. Okay. All right. I guess they haven't really thought about that. Well we arm we will call him up and then you get to listen into the conversation as we ask him and by we I mean Jen hobby. Asks them winners this relationship going and Bridget what does. I will call Matt up and ask him where's this relationship going. And then you'll listen of that conversation miter on hold on welcome back to you and your feedback okay. I we will make the phone call to Matt here and three minutes segment is where is this relationship going. Jana hobby asks the tough question next. A three minutes from right now.