Where Is This Relationship Going: Becca and Ellen Part 3

Thursday, November 10th


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Jesse James shall. I actually get a phone call a little while ago from back she wants to be aware that they have got it right. You don't want to call a man or person that she's dating she likes to call a woman. Is a friend but is also her employer. And she's kind of like tongue in cheek asking about a positive review immediate raids. To read it we called Alan. And Allen is day. Good. Lost like well he's at she was intimidating I she rattles me he had few weapons strong and meet all valid points and I was really rattles. She was so put together for you that yes I like to go I need to go have a review with back into. Welcome back to the shadow back and need to review without Omega. I welcome back to show America. Not KE. RU has rattled as just back from our conversation with Alan. I AG EY 801 did you color. Did a little spray. You're a little scared of her at work but you liking announcer for as France. And now what. I mean. I I I honestly thought it would didn't build it differently now and secret or even talk to her more than ever before. Why don't think we hear listen I think you have a great opportunity. Seriously this is not me joking and trying to corporate speak I think you have a great opportunity for growth. Because you can go talk to her base that base and say. I'm really sorry for for that heard this again I didn't mean Ford to go this way beyond you guys care face to face conversation. About. You know what she's just said because she said when you're weak areas as face to face communication when I got an opportunity. And you can even say to her you know I thought it would be cutesy way to bring an app with UO and then she's going to say it's a year ago. That your need for approval. And you know what does she say something about like ability I don't and I don't remember anything after she fired me. I. The topic you can tell so just be prepared that she's gonna give you real honest critique when you do go on her face a base. But I play one really see who cares about you and I think it sees pretty happy with your work. Yeah momentum and each week. Kind of our friendship is that the that they say at the beginning of our friendship in the coming that I had a relationship with. Yeah email and said you know. Coming up a little bit to search out it. Yeah I think if Allen one to go out for Mexican you're gone for Mexican back and there's no way you're switching up and going to sushi. What she says goes as well I'm guests. Right and I do I like an up on the banking panic and so I get that and needs you right it's it is our crash at. Intend to hear her say that about making the oil we now I'm pat. And work on Matt and you're right it's a big lead the opening agreed to make may say that I. And the radio call he has said that if he you know I had just attend call. That every title you'd be reading it. And when you get I mean we asked her vice that I have a job because. But she may have fired me from this mr. constantly. Maybe she'll give me your job and then you can work I. I think it's it. I packet thank you for bird bring justice and having the courage to try it. Yet they didn't summit there really appreciate everyday they keep the match. I haven't Goodwin received Bryant. Light lunch and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook search starring 941 Atlanta.