Where Is This Relationship Going: Becca and Ellen Part 1

Thursday, November 10th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping. Now back to Michelle on stunning before one. 2 tomorrow morning at this time on the jet engines show you talk with parents who are not afraid to admit. They are legit scared because they know their kids are smarter than they are fat will be tomorrow morning at this time on the jet engine jet. Where this relationship going it is time for our weekly segment where are we asking the difficult uncomfortable question. Because you don't once you. Because it's difficult and it's uncomfortable. It is an awkward question you wanna know the so we're happy that Torre now Jane this week's edition. This segment. As a bit of a tourist. We have baca. Who wants us to ask. Allen where this relationship is going. Beckett is the employee. Allen as the employee error. Negotiating raises now. So. They've backed a welcome to the jet engine champ. Dario. Yeah I guess Morgan impression upon our negotiating skills Ethier I'm. Yes salad divinity Oakland thinking big day and that's sad and now we actually asking for a raise or what are we doing actually on your behalf. Obama looking to do did you call. The candidate and the way to find out. If I am getting raves just in the. And I'm comfortable for me today and in the ten banks and. The boxes are an element also one of my best practices and the first look at that and that led move to Atlanta a few years ago and she hired 8999. And it don't bet and it's uncomfortable all Serbs did ask her. About works and Atlanta with their image that is so like. The sound so I decided that I would be. OK so here's a question for you back do you and Alan hang out outside of work. OK so at work she's your box outside of what she's BF fast. And and okay. If you're saying that's a definitely unique situation because she still is in that role of authority. Over you inside the office. Ready or that you read them strange bella. I can't you do that make up funny way and you go out that it. So you've worked with her for nine months and you think it's about time for a race already. Well that without rhetoric could restarting to have the meeting and yet another job. An attack. I would just look it up and said hey amnesty but I didn't find out what that can be working on it would be more straightforward about it. The defect in LA at the present it and go up a popular list and immediately afterwards you know I'm. And somebody that knows just sampling size constraints I I. Hit it back and I ask what what type of work it is that you do. It's really. Okay all right so do you lose the I guess. Reportedly asking that question was used see her at work every day Rory she liked. I'd I'd district site manager that just kind of floats in and out of where you're. I'm I'm Kirk. Every not all day every day but pretty much in here every day for at least thirty minutes and on that front or back. OK. Gotcha. And you feel like even if he brought up this conversation app work it would be too awkward. I don't know how you are going to let almost missed a couple of times and then you know and went into it. Fine has she got heated to talk about eight. Yeah do you think I can do great I honestly. And it is not just. You know because they're silent night edition in LA IDM one of the best employee. Layton and the fact that show up I always fighting candidates are okay Latin America are alone but I know there oh my god. I think I shot that would give it raised after next month at the Pentagon. You you know it do you feel like she might be taking advantage of you because you are friends or do you just bank. That. It's just an awkward situation all around citizens that our phone call would be a bit of an icebreaker. That's kind of at the little cup and had that conversation. Like or what she's been playing. Yet it pardon me I don't think that's needs. Goalie out of our way to put it and it's a million the fact that it more likely bring you live with a friend when you remove. Will someone that you really good friend you can would be little more disrespectful than it would be wet. And the queen's or even stranger began to run at first I let people that I met. Maybe I'm not getting all of what I deserve. Because she feels that doesn't happen you know like you know and that they back captain mark and I have a birdie coming out the week out. So I did while the four hour work coming up on me. I was just as they were the formula would be exactly the same. You'll listening to us call her. And have a conversation. And pain. At the end of that conversation. Will disconnect with her obviously the end of the conversation. And then we'll. And obviously every now and then we'll pay you propagate into your feedback it's oh. I'd be the same exact formula says if you're ready to do it we can do it here and 33 and a half minutes. Only a belly I would love to have this backfires it's gonna be even more awkward. You realize that. Yeah I really have an idea we find and a lot about. I'm confidence asked the question because she talked about how good she is that are jobless she's always making their numbers noise early and that sort of thing. At first I was nervous though when he said that unlike at this question we'll try to be cute like you said we are. I welcome back to gain three minutes back and will make the phone called Alan on your behalf and ask her. Where is this relationship go Allen and back out our friends but also co workers Allen's actually I despise the we'll try to figure out of it promotion or raise isn't that his future. Next then that happens and our before. How can you and young star ready for a one.