Where is this Relationship Going? With Audrey and Greg: Part 2

Thursday, April 6th

Is Greg ready to make a real commitment? Audrey called us hoping we could help out.


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Czar not before one. Jeff is getting how Big Brother right now Darren where is this relationship going hit like that protected Big Brother over Roger right now I've just got to. I'm just in no way did. I'm just annoyed because she is in this on again off again on again off again on again off again relationship of over four years you out with a dude. Who keeps breaking up there and then she hangs on waits for ham and then she takes him back. And did you people deserve that. Well she is the one and she also I participating in the relations. He's an Arab. She can make the decision whether it has taken back or not right now there on the break and Audrey wants us to call Greg and ask where is this relationship going so I Gerri if you are still. I'm bored we will call them while you listen and and last in the question he's so good. I'm gonna which Iran holds you don't get to interact with him at all that will come back and pick you up nature final thought last segment and I holed out a campaign. A I. I. Hello is this I'd. Yet it's Greg Greg this is Jan from the Jeff intentional concern and for one has a talent. Eight did it or you don't get Ed and Jeff does YouTube hi there. So you'd. Well we are excited to talk to you today because we have some questions askew they fear it down with answering a few questions about your relationships. Okay. Yeah yeah and definitely some Christian Google you personal. Well we might have to dig and a little bit deeper but we'll see we'll fever and Vasquez I'm glad your on board. So first question Greg is are you cool to talk about your relationship with Audrey with us. Yeah OK yeah I'm yeah okay. I'm really. Explain to us from her perspective your relationship. And it's on again off again nature in the last year or years. And she also told us that your currently on the break. But you have just initiate contact to get back together again. Yeah exactly. And yeah I've been muted it's been five years now. And not exactly but you know close to it and I didn't realize that it and on and off and I mean the thing about it it's it's so great and should do you create woman to like. I love treated others that question that I I I do love her and I do it and the problem. I guess that is you know it's really my and I it's it's not. It's not her making it anyway I mean I I got together with her about a month after my divorce. And I mean she reminds me you know a lot of her out of my explosion. Just in terms of a prospect introductory extra sorted you know they approached. In a series like emotional people. But he seemed like a good way you know I'd I'd like that about her. Bottom but I do you realized you know that. That's some that are really healthy you know I'd. I in my eight. Younger time you know world agrees and serial monogamist person out kind of go back to back wins. You know few months or so months that relationships. And you know I do you have a do replicas here of being alone in. And yes it started out you know I don't wanted to I don't want a keeper. You know Islam. Lights you know in the way that I didn't you know made me feel like someone has but I also I'd I'd feel so great listener. I am and you know we were in the breakdown soaring. But you know I really miss her and to. I don't know I yeah I I honestly that is one of those situations where. It's all right I AM. I don't know I I I don't think I'm doing the right thing but I know that I. You know I don't really have strong feelings scorer and and I'm not sure what to do exactly but I do know that acute misheard you know what we're not together. So. You wanna do the Big Brother thing you're thinking about. Yeah it sounds so lie to you probably need to be alone. This to sort out where you are and you probably need to let Herbie alone to sort out where she needs to be there you think. I mean yeah I don't even like even if you love someone you don't stay in a relationship with them just speak is. You don't like being alone. Absolutely absolutely I I definitely agree that and I think. That is the struggle that I keep going through you know isolate. On this attractions chemistry. This brings me to her you know and I think you're hurting me you know I'd I'd I'd. I would I would like to believe that it's not just might salt that we still keep getting back together you know I think it's like it's sort of neutral saying that. I do you feel responsible. You know as they are right you know obviously I'm the one that is initiating. You know this time. I don't think it's been meet every time put it right yeah I think I I don't. This is one of those situations where I wish. People could see Jan. He's just the kind of grabbed her head rubbed her forehead and frustrated that. Well let me just ask a couple of other questions your past and so weekend may not on earth some answers here. What. Song were you married. I was very few years so those are pretty sure one. And it was the divorce to your decision or your ex wife's decision. It will. Whose mutual cause actual we thought we knew it was one of those situations where we were getting into. I'm Rick we couldn't kind of go day without. Our other major problem getting in the way of our normal life and we you know we cannot realize this was not going to just yet there's just something about. Artists that didn't you grew was never going to be you know he was always got to be just bankruptcy. OK so how do you feel now about marriage. And Jen. Are either but yeah where. Yeah you know you'd you'd end okay do you think you'll ever get married again ever in your whole life in earlier days. I would look we I mean I I had a load. I do you think the anyway do you think got a little push you think Artie our dream may be the person that you marry. I'm. Honestly. That questioned terrifies me because. Most my next place and how similar they are so I just don't know. Agassi. OK I think that. If we were asking you where is this relationship going with our injury. You would say you wanna be together but. You know they don't see yourself getting married. I ER do well let this that I do I want to be buried I think. I think I'm kind. I think it's an indicator because you know we have been on and off. That it's not the right time to get married right now I mean I think that. It's something I have you know that's a hole in my rights and but I do you know I do not want to hurt you know like I did before and I certainly don't hurt her. And you know I can open with her about. I. I thank you Greg thank you for talking with us out. It's mostly you guys and I know you can keep I don't know thank you Greg horse really. OPEC hasn't. That man not named not after and the monotony of his voice his plan would dump him I. I is that any Ali's blows into a book on tape from them because I would be be asleep behind Whelan seventy is there. Anyway I only hope is that they will yeah. So I welcome back here in. Three minutes and we'll pick up Audrey who just got to listen now that if she is not in a coma fifth will. I'm. Will give her thoughts on everything that he said. We'll come back and do that three minutes from right now will wrap up where's this relationship going and the jet engine Janice parity for one. And young star ready for a one.