Where is This Relationship Going: Ashley and Derek Part 4

Thursday, February 16th

His Valentine's Day gift just wasn't good enough according to her.


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James shell hole now. Hi were wrapping up where is this relationship going. And it's. Kelly cheese made the phone call today on behalf of of jammed. Did to get you up to speed if you're just tuning in. Actually called us because she gave Derek are great Valentine's Day gift. His gives back to her it's pretty simple basic and an expensive and she was like are we in their front page is. And Khloe told them he told Kelly that. No they're on the same page he's just rogue he's 26 year old recent college graduate. If there any money and they've already talked about it so actually Candace note as. People are fired up Serra and Douglas hill. Oh my gosh how's that bit and Hubert because he's so mad because she didn't have that it's partly the show her friend that is what it's all about. Is that the money that it the world it's telling you. But she's not money grabbing his she did offered a loan and the money easily get byters something. Fluoride setup by the judicial pick it out just like you think it's so ridiculous he need her dinner where does she think the fund Hideki permits not match. Right well let's not make stink beetle. That are special and rarely happened delegates. Letter isn't in there and thoughtful nets. Yeah I felt bad. I think am I mistaken Bryant. Necessary you can answer this and should mean what isn't a homemade dinner more special than anything you can buy. I hate to Nina it's hard to just buy a really good gift even manual is it kicks like searching but if you had a. And that Valentine's Day makes people feel like they have to do some thinking that he actually put thought into it and thought well I'm gonna make it a special dinner and pick up the food and eat it all. In wrote a love letter hello. Yeah that's ask. You. Corey in Marietta. Hi good morning. About sorry that you wait that you guys I am that morning. That's ridiculous. I've been repaired over seven year earth and I can count and I can't I'm excited by the Arab eighty at a meal for me which has won the ice. And bring him to take the time they're great ink. Certainly. Something like back and then you're like I'm like yes error the right letter I'm McConnell. I think. I really. So sorry. You know all about it. Social media lit up with this two saves for messages and it tweets to. The Japanese and show understand I'm 41 Atlanta. I yeah I got a few favorites at Shiv militia just I believe it is. As it says there call me and I'll appreciate your home could dinner and a hallmark cards that there's it's our she's I'm the only one here Meredith. I might add it Cinderella. And I would love. Love right guy to meet some think Lee and make deep in and edit any of the net on and they're acting in good. Right. If you leave here they are hiring an aptly pirate it or not. I can say they don't think hey. I actually had to hold on okay. I admit Kelly she's loves to be a matchmaker and and with the embers that we got is he gives mass to do with thinks any parts. So what else is on social media. I just want coaches to know that she is my spirit animal. I I've a thousand is up from Kelly she's herself that she tweet that or account from medicine that Katie so you have a good friend. Somewhere in the world brandy in winder you can be Alaska on this. Like either anybody else noticed in the market and he'll be back on the market you know but many battles. Right. Tatiana. Sorry you realize. The eighth issue I think actually really negate it REC a she'd go inside the materialistic things and no good relationship that anger based iMac. You can't be it online they're broke you don't they're going to be with them when they're out. And Ryan you will be the third last call. Not to eat that she cracking match he went out of her way to know like it carried and apple aptly Sheen knows he broke item lately all. All eat it alone she'd get my money clamp. Think I also Orleans. At just how do all lap and that ape like I am I'm black and hired that he definitely at. Like. The fact that they are you talk about that a year by the way. I know you have eating a great and that bite your money clip with our financial lot. Mike and I did years. They just engines Andre guys she's even more awful. Wow thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one and.